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Her Sister Wanted To Keep Her Obvious Pregnancy Secret, But Her Sister Told Her She Wasn’t Doing A Good Job At Hiding It

by Michael Levanduski

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There are many reasons why you might want to keep a pregnancy a secret for a while.

When the woman in this story was told that her ‘hiding’ the pregnancy was very obvious, she got upset.

Read on for all the details.

AITA for telling my sister she was being very obvious when trying to hide her pregnancy?

My sister, Amber, is currently 3 months pregnant with twins.

Awww, so cute!

She’s already begun to develop a bump.

Right now, she’s only told myself, our parents, and our brother, as well as giving myself and our brother permission to tell our spouses.

We have all agreed to keep it a secret until she’s ready.

Sounds like attention-seeking, but whatever.

The issue is, she’s become very obvious about it. To the point where she’s doing near comical things to hide it when we’re around family (which has been frequently as of late).

Picture the stuff people do in sitcoms when the characters aren’t pregnant but the actor is.

Covering her stomach with her purse, holding her older daughter in front of the bump, wearing much baggier clothes when she’s typically the type to wear things that show off her figure.

Amber has always been pretty fit as she’s a gym rat.

The bump itself doesn’t even look like extra fat or anything, just a very pronounced baby bump.

If ever she has to move something from her stomach, she’s very quick to hide it.

So, obviously, many have caught on but for the most part, were good sports.

No one ever directly asked us, but would make hints.

I never entertained them.

Oh, the ‘secret’ is about to come out.

We all gathered on Sunday for a family dinner. Amber was holding her 2 year old for a bit.

When the little one wanted to go play, Amber then tried to cover herself with a blanket.

My cousin (30) said “Alright, Amber, cut the dramatics. We all know.”

A few instantly reprimanded my cousin.

Amber turned bright red. She refused to say anything in the moment, though later quietly confirmed to our aunt, telling her to spread it around.

Amber is now very upset.

I agree our cousin was obnoxious and shouldn’t have said anything. I’ve tried to be supportive and comforting.

However, Amber kept saying “I don’t know how they figured it out!!!”

I mean, it sounds like it was pretty obvious.

I finally said, “Sweetie, you really weren’t trying hard. I respect why you wanted to wait but by this point, it was quite obvious.”

She got mad and tried to insist it wasn’t obvious.

I said it absolutely was and she didn’t help matters by acting like she was in a sitcom.

I stressed our cousin was wrong but she wasn’t as stealth as she thought.


She is definitely NTA. While her sister is being overly dramatic, it isn’t a big deal. She is pregnant after all.

Let’s check out some of the comments.

That’s a good point.

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Yup, you can’t hide a pregnancy. Not for long anyway.

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This commenter says the only AH is the cousin.

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Exactly, nobody was insulting her.

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Agreed, the sister reacted poorly.

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Come on sis, everybody already knew.

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