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Her Son Left His Phone At A Gas Station, But When She Tracked It There The Clerk Tried To Tell Her He Hadn’t Seen It

by Trisha Leigh

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The cool thing about technology (or one of them) is that we’re able to easily find our lost or stolen object.

At least, if the person who has found them isn’t smart enough to turn off the finding app.

This mom tracked her son’s lost iPhone down, and wasn’t willing to walk away when the clerk told her it wasn’t there.

Police to the rescue!

If you wanna make it a whole thing, go ahead and call the cops!

My usually-not-irresponsible teenager lost his phone and just realized it while competing in a district track meet he was invited to (discus).

This fueled my urgency to find his phone more than it’s value or anything else.

Her daughter located it and she ran to pick it up.

I had my daughter use her find my phone app to see it at a local convenience store.

I refreshed the search to see that it was hovering around the space of the store and the parking lot, almost back and forth between two locations.

I tell my daughter I’m taking her phone with me to the store to retrieve it in between my sons events 100 meter discus and shot put.

She was a bit short on patience.

I arrive through the doors Ala Kramer from Seinfeld, phone up and in hand like I’m on a timed scavenger hunt.

The clerk gets suddenly shifty, looking at me then looking away then looking at his customer. Understandable with how I entered.

I jumped in line, patiently waiting for the customer in front of me to interview the clerk about the state lottery system ; a barrage of ridiculous questions that even I couldn’t write up.

Finally it’s my turn, and now I’m the only customer in here. I also noticed that upon refreshing the app I was using, it hasn’t moved since I entered the store.

But even so, she was certain the clerk was lying to her face.

I begin with what would be a line of my own questions.

“Hey my son lost his iPhone and this app says it’s near here, has anyone turned in a phone?”

Lying Clerk says


I retort “Could you look around and see because I’ve refreshed this over the past twenty minutes and it’s here”

Liar mcliarstein continues his poorly spun web of lies

“ I don’t know anything about it man so quit bothering me you lost your phone get over it”

“Dude it’s here where’s my phone?”

“If you wanna make it a whole thing go ahead and call the cops, see what THEY do”

Oh, let’s do that.

But, she kept her wits about her.

Now I know that I can ping the phone to make noise, but I don’t know if he’s got it in his car, in the back room locked up, or somewhere I can’t go without getting arrested, like behind his counter.

I call the cops and explain the situation as well as my suspicions.

The police ask what app I used, if it’s active, if I have any more evidence that it’s in his possession. I explained that I didn’t want to ping it yet until they could help. They agreed to send a car out.

I wait outside at the next door Dutch bros out of his line of sight, hoping he was convinced I left.

The police actually helped!

The police arrive and I flag them to me, showing him the app. They also took my id which was weird but whatever. We end up entering the store together as I ping the phone.

“Blip moomoomoomoomoomoo, blip moomoomoomoomoo” It’s in his “office” he answers questions as he gets handcuffed.

I get the phone back to the track meet in time to just miss him getting 2nd in discus.

This woman was not leaving there without her phone.

Reddit has to be ready with the applause, right?

A high-speed chase!

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Real growth.

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Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

They should know the truth by now.

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I personally love this story.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

I mean honestly, good for her.

Not everyone can handle this level of confrontation.

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