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Her Son’s Teacher Refused To Give Him An Accommodation For His Stutter, So His Mom Called Her Out On The Parent Group Chat

by Ashley Ashbee

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When your child has accommodations in school for their disability, teachers are supposed to implement them to ensure the students get what they need.

It’s supposed to prevent situations like this one. Check out what happened.

AITA for calling my son’s teacher a bully and reporting her?

My husband and I have spoken to the school about our son Jack’s stutter and have arranged accommodations for him.

All of his teachers know not to call on his for reading or to answer questions, and he is allowed to raise his hand or have a friend respond for him when the teachers is taking the register.

At first looks like this won’t be a problem. Unfortunately…

He has a note from school with he can show his teachers if they question why he is not able to speak aloud.

My son’s teacher tried to get my son to read aloud, he showed her the note and she didn’t make him.

But she emailed me saying that she didn’t think my son needed the note.

I explained he did, and told her the school had evidence from his speech therapist, thinking that was it.

That was until Monday, when I had to come pick Jack up from school.

The nurse said he felt sick, but when he got into the car he confessed that was not really the case.

Mrs. A had asked him to read.

He then showed her the note again, but she said that she had seen him talking to his friends and knew he could “speak fine when he wanted to” and telling him not to be so shy.

The teacher went rogue and then some.

When my son refused, she promised to let the whole class out early if he read, again he shook his head.

Some of his classmates were understanding, but as it’s a new class some of them don’t know him as well.

They were upset at him for the fact they didn’t get an early break and were rude to him because of it.

Me and my husband were obviously very upset and sent an email to the school to report her.

I also made a post on the school’s parent WhatsApp group calling her a “cruel, power-tripping bully” and explaining what happened.

From what I can gather, a screenshot of my message got shared around with many other parents siding with me.

However, I received a message today from the school warning me not to use “abusive language” to describe teachers.

It asked me to please speak to the school directly instead of complaining online, as it could “compromise teacher safety”

Part of me feels justified in sharing.

But I don’t know if I went to far in calling her that and then sharing it to a group chat with basically all the year’s parents, especially if it could really put her in danger. AITA?

Here’s what people are saying.

Yes it’s ironic and they need some serious crisis communications training.

But here’s the thing: the school has to protect the teachers no matter what and every community needs to be moderated to protect people. Nothing changes that.

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I feel so sorry for this person. My late mom never slandered a teacher publicly, but she was an incredible advocate for me. It’s so important.

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This. An IEP means the school is legally required to follow the accommodations in it.

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While I don’t feel sorry for this teacher for doing this to her son, putting teachers at risk is never okay and it’s weird to expect a school to condone that.

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True, but don’t expect a school to let you put their teachers at risk. How would you like it if your employer did that to you? Nothing would make that okay.

If you want it public, state the fact and post it somewhere that isn’t moderated by the school.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This kid will need therapy. I’m glad the parents are so supportive.

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