July 1, 2024 at 6:52 pm

Her Step-Nephew Eats All Their Food And His Mom Is Cool With It, So She Banned Him From Her House

by Ashley Ashbee

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There’s a lot of grey area when it comes to how you should behave at a family member’s home.

Adults are not necessarily on the same page about what their kid should and shouldn’t do.

Here’s a kid with a big appetite for junk food. Read on to see why his step-aunt has a problem with it.

AITA for not letting my step-nephew spend time at my house anymore?

My oldest is 8 and my youngest is 4.

Because my oldest and Colton are so close in age, my brother’s wife Rachel wanted them to spend as much time together as possible and she asked if we could take Colton after school in an informal agreement.

We had agreed he could come to my house until 5pm but when it came into practice, he would be here until 7pm or later and Rachel never picked Colton up before then even if I called.

So while he was in my house he eats and drinks so much of our stuff.

It’s remarkable how much this kid can consume in one sitting.

In one day before he drank an entire 6 pack of Sprite that he went outside to get, a big share bag of Doritos, three chocolate bars, a bag of gummy candies and cookies I had left out of the way for later.

I spoke to him and said he should ask before taking in the future and he told me he didn’t need to ask and his mom said he should eat when he wants to.

I talked to Rachel about this and she scolded me for bringing this to Colton at all. She said if it’s in my house he should be able to eat or drink as much of it as he likes.

There was also the added fact that he was here for dinnertime and I couldn’t just let him sit there day after day and watch us eat.

But dinnertime is just as big a problem.

So I started making enough for him too but then he’d take the things he liked off my sons plates and he’d leave what he didn’t like.

I tried for a few weeks but it wasn’t working and so I pulled the plug on him being here.

And now I say no and I have told her he can’t spend time at my house anymore.

Rachel told me if he was my real nephew I wouldn’t dismiss Colton so quickly.

She also told me I’m taking my issues with her out on him and he’s sad he can’t spend time with his bestie cousin anymore.


Here’s what people are saying.

Thank you! Kids are SO impressionable. This kid is going to have a negative influence.

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A lot of people made this point. It’s pretty ridiculous!

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Great response. This isn’t healthy.

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And I bet this mom is so baffled when her kid gets into trouble at school.

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Exactly. This kid is going to become notorious. It’s sad.

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I feel sorry for this kid. He sounds depressed.

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