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Woman Chose A Wedding Date For Her Very Small Ceremony, And Now Her Competitive Stepsister Is Upset That Her Massive One Won’t Be The First

by Trisha Leigh

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Sister relationships can be some of the closest and most rewarding of our lives, but no one who has a sister will tell you they come without challenges.

I imagine that it’s the same with stepsisters, because sometimes personalities just clash.

This woman’s stepsister has always been competitive, and when it comes to their wedding days, nothing has changed.

She’s dishing all the details below!

AITA for refusing to move my wedding date because of my competitive stepsister?

My stepsister “Wren” has always been competitive with me. It was mostly fuelled by her mom, who was always extremely competitive between the “families”, but Wren kept it up.

I’ll admit I fed into it a bit when we were teenagers but I grew out of it. She never did.

She goes out of her way to try to one-up me and she thinks everything I do is to one-up her, which isn’t the case.

Now they’re both getting married, and the dates are causing some family drama.

That’s the background to the main issue.

Wren is getting married in November, and she’s been planning the weeding for over a year.

I got engaged a month ago. My fiancé works an extremely high pressure job and because of the nature of his job, next year and the year after will be incredibly stressful.

It’s part of the reason he proposed when he did. I don’t want to wait two years to get married, so I got in touch with a wedding planner who was able to work something out so that we can get married in august.

It will be an extremely small wedding, a reception dinner of about 20 people over one weekend.

This is in contrast to the 150 person traditional wedding that Wren has planned.

Her stepsister thinks she’s trying to upstage her “second” wedding.

Wren is livid that we’re planning to get married before her. She knows the reasons but she still insists that I’ve planned this to upstage her wedding.

She is giving her dad no end of shit for putting money towards my wedding and helping me to humiliate her (her words).

She is also causing trouble amongst mutual friends she has with my fiancé (this is not a huge deal because they’re not wanting to get involved but it was extremely embarrassing because she announced the date of our wedding before we did).

Her family is thinking maybe she could just change the date to keep her stepsister happy, but she doesn’t want to.

My mom and her dad are now hinting that maybe we should move the wedding.

They keep saying maybe a winter wedding (I guess after Wren’s) would be better, and that it would be nice if the family could attend both weddings with everyone on good terms.

My stepbrother has also said that while he knows I didn’t do it on purpose, because of past issues this will be extremely hard for Wren to get past.

He also said I was naive for thinking that just because my wedding is different from hers that she would let it go. He may be right about that.

I still don’t really want to change the date of the wedding. I don’t think doing it in the winter will appease Wren, and two have to wait over a year just because of her childish vendetta seems grossly unfair.

But I don’t like being the one to rock boat and I do sometimes feel a bit sorry for Wren.

Maybe this isn’t the time to take a stand. I really don’t know if I’m in the wrong here.

Man, this is too much drama for me.

I wonder what Reddit is going to tell her.

The top comment wants to know when does it end?

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This person wonders whether or not we’re getting the whole story.

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It’s not her job to keep the peace.

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Everyone should have the wedding they want.

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Sometimes, though, you have to take a step back.

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She could go ahead and just take one for the team.

But she definitely doesn’t have to.

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