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Her Jealous Stepsister Destroyed A Priceless DVD Of Her Deceased Father, And Now She Insists That She’ll Never Forgive Her

by Trisha Leigh

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There are some things in life that are too big a transgression to forgive.

I mean, maybe you can forgive in your heart so you don’t have to carry it around for the rest of your life, but that doesn’t mean you want that person to still be in your life.

This young lady had one irreplaceable thing she treasured more than anything else, and she’s refusing to even consider forgiving her stepsister and moving on.

Let’s get the details and see if Reddit thinks she should reconsider!

AITA for refusing to go to therapy with my stepsister?

My stepsister and I (both 15f) used to be close.

We became stepsisters at 6 and even though I never called her just my sister, I always thought of her as one of my best friends and a part of my family.

The source of conflict was that her father’s family remained in her life.

The only source of conflict we ever had was my dad’s family.

They never took my stepsister on as their family and when I’d go to visit them she’d get upset about it. She always felt that wasn’t fair.

My dad died and his family stayed in my life and loved me and made sure I had more people to love me.

But her mom left her and so did her mom’s family.

I know it made her jealous and I know we fought about it before. She’d beg me to let her come along but I always felt a little uncomfortable with that so I never asked.

Things came to a head when she chose spending time with her dad’s family over joining her stepsister at a convention.

Two months ago my stepsister wanted us to go to this convention an hour from where we live. She never said anything and bought the tickets online without asking her dad or me.

That same weekend I had plans to visit my great grandma for her birthday and was spending the night with her and my grandparents.

When she did mention the convention it was like 3 days before and I refused to cancel seeing my family to go with her.

She told me she really wanted us to go and I could see my family any time.

I told her my great grandma is older and I might not get to see her any time because she’s in and out of the hospital a lot.

When she returned home, she found her stepsister had done the unthinkable.

That weekend while I was gone my stepsister found the DVD my dad made for me before he died, which was his last goodbye to me.

It was my comfort item. I had it in my room in my desk because I wanted it to be safe.

My stepsister broke the disk and tossed it in the trash in the mall before I got back. I went to watch it that night and it was gone.

I told my mom and I was pretty hysterical and that’s when she and my stepdad figured out what happened and I realized after.

I told my stepsister I hated her, I would never let her be my family again and we would never be friends again.

She started crying and apologizing and I told her it didn’t matter because she’s d**d to me.

My mom took me for ice cream to try and calm me down and cheer me up and my stepsister was grounded when I got back.

She can’t get over it.

Things have not blown over. I refuse to forgive her. I ignore her and make sure she’s not allowed to touch me.

I leave the room if she comes in. I ignored her at school too.

She was getting more and more upset.

Her parents want her to go to therapy together but she’s refused.

My mom and stepdad asked me to work on forgiving her and I said never. They now want us to go to therapy together and I said no.

I told them I won’t go willingly and even if they make me, I won’t take part in therapy. I said they can waste money if they want but I am not going to let her fix this.

I told them I wished she was never in my life, that I really hate her and I hope she ends up miserable and never getting over the guilt of what she did because I’ll never forget.

My mom and stepdad got mad at me over refusing and said I needed to learn to forgive.


This one makes my heart hurt.

Let’s find out if Reddit thinks she’ll change her mind.

Not even therapy can fix everything.

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Still, it could be helpful in the future.

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Self preservation is sometimes necessary.

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That bridge has been burned.

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Actions have consequences.

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This girl FAFO.

Some things just can’t be forgiven.

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