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His Brother Told Him He Wanted To Make A Friend At A Convention, So He Turned Into An Epic Wingman And Made Him A Love Connection Through Discord

by Melissa Triebwasser

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/Glenn Carstens Peters

We’ve all been asked to be a wingman at one time or another; to step in and help a friend make a potential love connection.

But what happens when you play cupid without being asked to?

In this story from Reddit, it’s big brother stepping up to help his shy younger sibling get the gaming girl of his dreams.

AITA for giving my brother’s Discord to a girl without asking him?

Last week, I (21M) took my little brother (15) to an anime convention in our state.

It was my brother’s first time going to one, and he’s pretty nerdy to boot, so he had been very excited about going in the weeks leading up.

My brother isn’t a very social kid, by his own admission, he’s a massive introvert. He doesn’t have a ton of IRL friends, and on the drive up to the hotel room, he told me he “Wanted to make at least one friend” during the weekend, I told him I’d help if I could.

What a great big brother he has! Hopefully they make some good social connections.

Early in the second day of the convention, me and him are waiting in line for the dealer’s hall to open, and in front of us is a girl about my brother’s age, playing on a Nintendo Switch.

I ask her what games she plays, and when she mentioned one that my brother (a huge Nintendo fanboy) had played, I say, “Oh, my brother here is a big fan of those too, isn’t that right, (Brother’s Name)?”

Wingman Mode: Engaged.

He sheepishly agrees and to my surprise, actually starts talking to the girl about the game, and then some other ones, before moving on to other nerdy things they had a shared interest in. It was the most I’d ever seen my brother interact with a stranger, and it made me very happy to see.

Eventually the dealer’s hall opens, and me, my brother, and the girl all end up at the same booth, buying merch. As we’re checking out, I point to the girl and ask what my brother thought, he just as sheepishly tells me that he thought she was cool and kind of cute.

Oh this is too adorable. Will little brother be willing to make a move?

“You should go ask for her Discord, I bet she’d give it to you.”

“No.” is all he says in response.

When I press him on why, he says he’s nervous about coming off as creepy and besides, what if she says no?

I tell him that as long as he isn’t approaching her in a creepy way, then he probably doesn’t have to worry about that, and if she says no, then she says no. That rejection is part of getting to know people, and learning to handle it well when you’re young would be a big help for when he’s an adult.

The brother is giving some great advice, but will his sibling take it?

He tells me no again, and by that time, the girl is gone anyways.

Later during that day, me and my brother got separated, and I was walking around on my own. At some point, I notice the girl at a booth and go up to her.

Seriously, how do I get a sibling like this?

I ask what she thought of my brother, and her response was remarkably similar to my brother’s. She thought he was funny and cute, and wanted to talk to him more about Switch games.

I offered to give her my brother’s Discord, and she agrees.

Connection made! Everyone is happy, right? Right?

A few hours later, she finally messages him, a simply ‘hey’ with an introduction and how she got his Discord.

My brother was PISSED, he immediately started telling me that it was a total breach of his privacy to give out his Discord without his permission. I pointed out that he had told me that he wanted to make friends at the convention, and that I basically dropped one at his feet.

He went quiet, and was chilly around me for the rest of the day, but was fine by tomorrow.

I can understand why the brother might be a little embarrassed, but ultimately, not that big of a deal, hopefully.

That was a week ago, I did apologize to him, and it feels important to say that he and the girl are still talking daily.

Was I the a****** for giving out his Discord without asking him?

The author later includes an update that he took the fledgling couple on a date shortly after connecting them. Let’s see what the folks of Reddit have to say about whether this was a breach of privacy or big brother doing a solid for his sibling.

Top comment says sometimes we can all benefit from a little push, and big brother executed it gently.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Fellow introverts chimed in that they would have appreciated the gesture when they were 15.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Others said if he the younger brother didn’t want to connect, it would be easy to block the girl. No harm, no foul.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Another commenter said the brother did a good thing, but reminded him to not overdo it.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Several people disagreed with the majority, saying it’s never okay to share someone’s contact info without their permission.

Source: Reddit/AITA

But the vast majority of people felt like big brother’s motives were pure, and his sibling will get over it quickly.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This big brother is an absolute legend!

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