July 8, 2024 at 2:47 am

His Cousin Stole His Gaming Collection Worth $2,000. Now His Mother Wants Him To Forgive What Happened, But He Refuses To Let His Cousin Off The Hook.

by Sarrah Murtaza

Source: Reddit/AITA/pexels/EVG Kowalievska

Being mugged on the streets can be distressing but getting robbed of your games worth thousands of dollars in your own home?

That can be traumatizing for die hard gamers!

Check out how this guy got robbed by his own cousin!

AITAH for refusing to let my cousin into my house after he stole $2000 worth of games from me when he was a teenager?

Ten years ago, I let my cousin into my house when he was 16.

Every one of my video games he handled that day was missing the next day. He took the discs from the cases and who knows what happened to the discs after that.

He had an awesome collection!

Some of those games were rare and out of print.

As soon as my mother found out I told his father, my uncle, about this, she called my uncle up and told him that because I was a diagnosed Aspie, I did not really know my cousin stole the games from me.

His mother wanted to save the cousin!

My cousin got away with stealing from me because of that.

She accepted what she had done.

My mother later admitted she knew she lied to my uncle because she was worried that my cousin being grounded all summer would be bad for his mental health.

Now I have a house and I refuse to let this cousin into it until he apologizes for stealing from me.

His family wants him to forgive and forget.

My family is telling me I am being childish because he was a child when he stole from me, but I think he learned it was safe to steal from me thanks to my mother’s intervention.

How should I handle this?

YIKES! How did this man recover from losing a precious collection of games?!

That’s a childhood grudge right there!

Let’s find out what folks on Reddit think about this story.

This person doesn’t want the man to have mercy on his cousin.

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This person resents everyone involved in the theft!

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This person wants the guy to stay firm.

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This person wants the guy to never let his cousin in.

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This person has some opinions about the mother.

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This is what people mean when they say an APOLOGY can’t FIX everything!

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