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His Daughter Was On Her Worst Behavior On Her 15th Birthday, So Now They’re Following Through With Their “No 16th Birthday Party” Threat

by Trisha Leigh

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Birthdays are special no matter how old you are.

Some people might not like to make a big deal out of it, but if you have people in your life who want to celebrate you, why not?

When you’re a kid, it can really mess with you if no one you love wants to celebrate your big day…but what if they gave you fair warning?

This dad told his daughter they wouldn’t be paying for more parties if she didn’t apologize to a friend she wronged.

Let’s hear both sides before we make a judgment call!

WIBTA for cancelling my daughter’s 16th birthday party after warning her about it a year ago?

For my daughter’s 15th birthday, my spouse and I paid for her to take some of her friends out to a restaurant for dinner.

During this dinner/party, my daughter got into an argument with one of her friends (15F).

His daughter behaved really poorly toward someone who thought she was a friend.

Apparently my daughter was upset that this friend gave her a cheap gift bought from a thrift store.

According to her best friend (15F), who told us what happened, my daughter seemed to like the gift at first and asked her friend where she bought it from.

When the girl admitted it was from a thrift store, that is when my daughter lost it and called her names like cheap, golddigger, beggar (translated from my language, it roughly means cheap) and other classist insults.

Now it is well known that this friend’s family is not well off, but I know that she is a sweet girl who did her best to get my daughter a gift with her meagre allowance.

My spouse and I confronted our daughter about it and she admitted she insulted her friend.

She went on to insult her further by saying things like – this is probably the only way she gets to eat at a restaurant so she should be grateful and give a decent gift.

I don’t know where my daughter learnt such entitlement, but she did not learn it at home. Even her best friend was uncomfortable by her behavior.

So they gave her an ultimatum: apologize or no more big parties.

We immediately took away all her gifts and donated them.

We also told her that unless she apologizes to this girl in front of everyone who was present at the party, we will not be sponsoring any more of her birthdays.

She never did, and the two girls drifted apart.

My daughter never apologized, and over time, the girl drifted apart from the friend group.

Now, she’s expecting a sweet sixteen party but they’re holding the line.

My daughter’s 16th birthday is coming up next month and she has started talking about what kind of party she wants.

I reminded her of our promise that we would not fund any more birthday parties until she has apologized for her behavior at her previous party.

Daughter is saying it’s been a year and the girl is no longer her friend anyway.

She said her best friend is getting a sweet16 party (not a thing in my culture) and how will it look if she doesn’t get one?

We told her she still has a month to apologize, but she is not planning to do it because she thinks we’ll cave.

My in-laws are offering to pay for her party, but we have forbidden them from doing that.

Daughter and both sets of grandparents are telling us that we are being too harsh and ruining her social life.

WIBTA If we don’t give her a birthday party this year?

Do her grandparents have a point?

Let’s hear what Reddit has to say!

The top comment says they’re doing the right thing by their daughter.

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Actions have consequences.

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Everyone is very supportive of the parents.

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After all, nothing has changed.

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It honestly should be awkward.

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This is good parenting if you ask me.

Some kids are just determined to learn the hard way.

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