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His Manager Insisted He Used A Bad GPS System To Drive A Truck To A Job, So He Complied And It Cost The Company A Lot Of Money

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

Welp, I guess GPS devices aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, huh?

It sure doesn’t sound like it!

Especially after reading this story…

Take a look at what happened.

Sure thing Boss, I will follow the GPS.

“I drive a concrete truck. We deliver ready mix concrete throughout a fairly large area.

Keep in mind concrete has a shelf life of 90 minutes once water mixes with the cement. This is very important on “spec jobs”.

There’s a problem…

Our company uses a routing and tracking system I will call the Terrible system. If there is a good route or less than good route it chooses the worst route of all routes possible.

After working with it a short time this was noted. During training new drivers are told to use it for final part of route only. The problem is every time one doesn’t follow a route an alert is sent to management.

Early in using Terrible system managers found a way to turn off these alerts.

New manager starts. After a year he brings up in meetings drivers are not following Terrible system routing. Multiple times we tell him it gives us the worst and longest routes. He doesn’t listen.

After six months he states drivers will be written up if we continue to not follow Terrible system routing. Drivers don’t listen. A few days after this pronouncement a fellow driver is written up. This is talked about.

Cue malicious compliance!

Next day on my second load I have a load to a location I had before. It is 15 miles east of the pant and then a 10 miles north leg. Following that route takes about 45 minutes or less.

Okay, boss!

We had been going to this job site for three months by this time and knew Terrible system gave a much longer route. I was first truck of four and noted on the radio we needed to follow Terrible system route as directed.

Off I go!

Route it takes me is southeast 13 miles. North on interstate highway 35 miles (including a chicken coop…weigh station for non truck drivers…trucks are chronically overweight for interstate).

East through a large metro area for 20 miles followed by last leg south of about 15 miles. Takes 125 minutes for me (Terrible system gave estimated travel time of 140 minutes so I did well). I arrive and I’m timed out.

Rejected and that costs company $1,000 for the concrete not to mention 20 gallons of fuel I burned. Second and third truck are the same. Fourth truck was stopped at chicken coup and company had a $500 fine.


Customer is ****** off! Calls manager screaming! Manager asked to talk to me. I tell him we followed the Terrible system routing as directed and he can check that easily.

Next day in break room is sign posted stating drivers are to use professional discretion in choosing best/most expeditious route to jobs.”

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I guess all GPS devices are not created equal…

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