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His Parents Are Worried About What They Spend On Food, So He Put An End To Their Intrusiveness

by Ashley Ashbee

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It’s pretty common for people to have different ideas of what counts as “wasting money.”

Unfortunately, some parents with adult children are vocal about it.

Maybe they are genuinely concerned or maybe it’s just hard for them to let go of the reins when their kids grow up?

Read this story and decide for yourself.

AITA For telling my parents that my husband that if they don’t like our lifestyle they can leave?

My husband and I both make well over six figures.

But we work long hours and as a result when we are not working or at the gym working out, we just want to veg out.

So, we (when not working) will generally make breakfast but order out lunch and dinner or go out to eat.

If we are working, we eat out all three meals.

Our loans are paid off, we own our condo, and we have no children. So, eating/ordering out makes us happy.

We also have a cleaning lady come twice a week to clean out home and do our laundry.

Our parents came to visit and were upset that we didn’t cook for them the whole week except for breakfast (we took the week off because we both knew both sets of parents were coming).

They tried to put an end to the subject, but no dice.

We told them we don’t cook except for breakfast but our condo is right next store to a plaza that has a grocery and they are welcome to cook if they like.

But there were quite a few restaurants that we have yet to take them to so why not try one of them?

They got on us on how much money we were spending, and my MIL got on me when the cleaning lady came.

She said I should be doing the cleaning b/c she worked and cleaned and took care of kids so she doesn’t get why I can’t.

The debate got pretty heated.

I told her “Because I’m not super woman, have no desire to be and refuse to try and if she wants a participation trophy for being over worked and underpaid, she can head to the bar and have a shot of Jameson.”

I then told her and my parents that I did not spend 4 years in college and two in graduate school to play Florence from The Jeffersons.

So, they went on to complain about how much money we were “wasting”.

My husband told them that it is not their money its ours and we don’t consider it a waste.

We told them the last thing we want to do when we get off from work is cook and clean.

Then her parents started overstepping more boundaries.

So, they went on about an emergency fund.

We told them before we started living the way we do we made sure our student loans were paid off and we each have a year’s salary saved up plus investments.

My dad tried to be intrusive and ask how much money we both made, and we said, “None of your business!”

We told them if they have a problem with our lifestyle, they could all leave. So, they Ubered to a hotel.

We really didn’t want them to leave just to drop the subject. So, are we idiots for telling them they could leave?

Let’s hop over to see what people are saying.

This. Some people just like drama, I guess.

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Exactly. The audacity of asking someone that question…

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Aw this person sounds lovely.

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Exactly. Life is here to be enjoyed.

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I’m sure it came from a good place, but that doesn’t make intrusiveness okay.

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Mom and Dad need a hobby.

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