July 4, 2024 at 5:43 pm

HOA Picks Terrible Door Color, Driving One Homeowner To Seek Revenge By Working Around Their Monetary Kickback

by Laura Ornella

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Ah, HOA drama — we meet again.

It seems like finding a chill HOA is few and far between. And either you love them, hate them, or you find out once you get involved in one.

They can have rules on everything, including your door color!

Let’s see what one Redditor does when the door color they choose is not to her liking.

Home Owners Association is at it again

I hate our HOA with a passion.

When we moved in here, it was to be with friends, and I didn’t think the HOA would do anything — it’s just for show really. We have a half-a***d playground and a few flowers at our neighbourhood sign.

So we’ve kind of always wondered where our fees go, you know?

It seems like HOAs are such a scam, honestly.

So in July, we got a letter about how the community was renovating, and we all needed to go buy paint and repaint our garage and front doors.

Which, actually I had been thinking about doing that anyway because our back door has scratches on it because [of the] dog.

But this letter, you guys, is like “Step one: Go to the counter, because we already talked to the store and did price comparison for you, and here [are] the colours we approved.”

They can’t trust grown adults to get their own door paint?

Which is cool, you know, gotta have everyone — can’t have somebody with a pink door or some ****.

So, we go yesterday to get the paint [and] take the letter with us. That’s when my husband reads it properly — there’s only ONE person we can talk to.

Oh great, this is “Where’s Waldo” of the hardware store, I’m sure.

Only SHE can approve this massive 10% discount for us. Then I get a look at this colour.

I like my door colour. It’s red. Not bright [obnoxious] red, a stately dark red. I love it.

Turns out we can’t have red anymore. My “approved” colour is purple. Burgundy my ****, this **** is purple.

Purple is giving hippie commune — not HOA.

I hate it. I’m pissed.

Hubs and I put two and two together — only one person can approve this discount, eh? You guys did all the work for us and got us this discount, eh?

My petty revenge? **** you, we’re military, we get 10% anyway. So you won’t be getting any kickbacks for us.


A nice workaround for keeping money away from the HOA — but does Reddit think this is enough of a revenge?

Let’s see what the comments have to say.

Some Redditors had a workaround for keeping the door red.

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

Others also highlighted there’s a hack for choosing to paint it blue also.

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

One user quoted “The Office” for how they feel about HOAs.

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

And another was honestly just baffled at the point of the organization in the first place.

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

Truthfully, I don’t really get the point of HOAs either, but if you’re stuck in one that grinds your gears, I think the petty revenge is warranted.

Especially if your door is about to become an eyesore!

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