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Homeowner Decided To Put Up A Fence Around His Property, Including The Treehouse That Kids Play In. Now His Neighbor Is Calling Him A Jerk.

by Heide Lazaro

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We get it. Kids love playing, and a tree house may be one of the most exciting things for them.

But when the tree house starts causing accidents, like kids falling and getting hurt, that’s not fun anymore, is it?

This is what OP was thinking about when he made the decision to put a fence around his property, including the tree house that’s apparently within his property line.

Is he being a jerk for not allowing his neighbor’s kids to play in the tree house anymore? You tell us.

AITA for fencing off my neighbor’s tree house?

My family moved into a new neighborhood a few years ago.

I have a neighbor whom I’ll call Al, who I would consider an acquaintance.

We make small talks from time to time, but don’t have much in common.

Both families have kids.

He has two kids who like to play in a very nice tree house in a large oak that Al built.

They can be a bit loud at times, but I have a young kid myself, so I’m used to it.

Neither my yard nor Al’s have a fence, which didn’t bother me too much at first.

Meet the new neighbor… and their huge dog.

However, another neighbor moved in behind me with a large dog that likes to come into my yard and makes me nervous, especially with my own kid getting older and spending more time outside.

I have a small dog, too, and the new neighbor’s dog has gotten aggressive towards him.

The new neighbor has blown me off when I’ve talked to him, so I decided to build a 6 foot fence around my back yard so my kid and dog can play safely.

As it turned out, the tree house is part of OP’s property.

I had a survey done, and discovered that the property line is actually further out than I thought.

The tree that Al’s tree house is on is actually about 5 feet inside my property, and I’m now a bit concerned.

One of Al’s kids took a tumble a few months back, and even though he wasn’t seriously hurt, I’ve realized that I could be legally liable in the future if someone falls out of the tree house.

He tried to talk to Al about it.

So the next time I saw Al in his yard, I got his attention, and told him about the situation.

I said that I planned to put up the fence around my property, and that included the tree.

I told him I was sorry, because I knew they loved the tree house, and that I would even help him dismantle it if he wanted to rebuild it in a tree on his property.

He told me that there weren’t any good trees in his yard, and that he put a ton of work into that tree house and his kids loved it.

But Al called him a jerk.

He asked me if I could leave the tree outside of the fence or put in a gate so his kids could come into my yard and play in it.

I told him that I wanted to build the fence on the property line, and that I was uncomfortable letting his kids play on my property.

Al called me a jerk, and said I was breaking his kids hearts.

He went into his house and slammed the door, and he’s ignored me since.

I know I’m legally within my rights to build the fence (checked with local permits) but, morally, AITA here?

Whoa! That’s a bit intense. Let’s see how other Reddit users react to this.

Here’s a good explanation.

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Yup, this is a big possibility.

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How about a cubby house?

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Ooh, here’s an interesting question.

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Yup, short but factual.

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Whatever they say, it’s still within your property line, OP.

It goes without saying… your property, your rules!

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