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Husband Finds His Wife Cheating With Another Man, So He Steals Their Clothes And Hits the Road

by Benjamin Cottrell

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Betrayal stings, especially coming from your spouse.

Amid a messy divorce, financial hardship, and a few missing belongings, a cheating wife begins begins to point fingers.

Did this heartbroken husband cross the line, or were his actions justified?

Let’s find out.

AITAH for “robbing” my wife’s affair partner which has now lead to his divorce?

I (32) have been married to my soon to be ex-wife (30), Madison, for four years.

We are currently in counseling but it is not going to work.

About a year ago I found out she was having an affair by coming home to their clothes in our living room and sounds coming from our bedroom.

So what does he do next?

I lost it. I was getting my cricket bat out of the front closet when I stopped to think about consequences.

I did not want to go to jail.

Instead I took all their clothes and left quietly.

I went to a friend’s house, but not before throwing all the clothes in a McDonald’s garbage can.

His night is off to a rough start. He’s about to cope the only way he knows how.

I turned off my phone and got ****faced with my buddy.

His wife hosed us off in the morning.

After I turned my phone back on I had dozens of calls and texts from Madison.

First scared because she got my updated flight information, then upset that I hadn’t called her to let her know I was going to be coming home early, then freaked out that the house had been broken into.

Finally, crazy because she figured out it was me. The texts just got more deranged.

But what about his wife’s affair partner?

The guy she was with is five inches shorter than me and about 60 pounds lighter. So if he had taken my clothes it would be obvious.

He ended up calling his friend to go get his spare keys from his house.

Unfortunately for him, his wife smelled a rat and followed his friend back to my house where she saw him leaving in oversized clothes.

He’s about to get what’s coming to him.

Long story short, she took pictures so she had evidence of his infidelity which caused their prenup to be cancelled, costing him a lot of money.

It’s all one big, giant ****show.

It took a couple of months, but my wife convinced me to try and forgive her. We started going to counseling and we were working our way through it.

Until recently.

Here’s where the story really starts to get good.

In a counseling session, she said that I was wrong to steal his wallet, phone, and car keys.

She said that his divorce is costing him a lot of money and that I should have dealt with it in a more mature manner and that it was my fault.

I have never admitted to taking his stuff to begin with. I was afraid he might call the cops and I didn’t want to give her ammunition in case she wanted a divorce.

Now I just don’t care.

He’s feeling wrongfully blamed and he’s made up his mind.

I told her that her cheating was the reason her boyfriend is getting divorced. And that I hope his ex takes everything.

I am still not living at home. I have my own apartment and I’m filing for divorce.

Now that I know how she feels it is kind of a slap in the face that she is blaming me for his divorce.


It looks like their divorce lawyer is going to have their work cut out for them.

Stealing is wrong, but is it justified under certain circumstances?

From humor to disgust, these redditors weren’t shy about sharing their opinions.

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This user’s empathetic response offers the husband some helpful advice.

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They advise the husband not to reveal any incriminating evidence.

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Support from sympathetic redditors can’t mend a broken heart, but a little righteous indignation feels pretty dang good.

Especially when your spouse is trying to drive you up a wall.

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