July 6, 2024 at 3:39 pm

Mechanics Share What They Think Are the Best Car Brands If They Can’t Pick Honda Or Toyota

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@precisionautorepairma

I think most people agree that Honda and Toyota are probably the most reliable car brands out there, right?

That doesn’t mean they’re the fanciest or the most luxurious, but the kind of cars you’d take on a loooooong road trip.

But what car brands come next?

Source: TikTok/@precisionautorepairma

The caption to the video reads, “Toyota and Honda are both well-known for their reliability… but who comes after that?”

Workers at an auto shop in West Springfield, Massachusetts weighed in on the topic.

Source: TikTok/@precisionautorepairma

The first three employees were unanimous in their answer: they all went with Mazda!

But one mechanic went his own way and said that his answer was Mitsubishi.

There you have it!

Source: TikTok/@precisionautorepairma

Here’s the video.


Toyota and Honda are both well-known for their reliability… but who comes after that? 3 votes to 1 for Mazda from our team. What’s the most reliable car you’ve driven?

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Check out how TikTokkers reacted.

This person is a Mazda fan.

Source: TikTok/@precisionautorepairma

Another TikTokker didn’t agree with one of the mechanics.

Source: TikTok/@precisionautorepairma

And this person thinks Subaru is the way to go.

Source: TikTok/@precisionautorepairma

Free advice is good advice!

Take it with you the next time you buy a car.

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