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Neighbors Said They Were Being Too Loud When They Were Having A Normal Conversation, So They Got Revenge By Annoying Them Without Breaking The Rules

by Heide Lazaro

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Seriously, how can anyone be bothered by the sound of a normal conversation?

Apparently, for OP’s neighbor, talking isn’t allowed… because you know, she’s the queen of everything.

Find out how OP and her friend dealt with this ridiculous complaint.

Stop making noise after 10pm? Alrighty then

Some time ago (four years and change, to be precise), my best friend and I moved into a nice house with a cool inner garden and a tiny living room looking out into it.

We (20F at that point) weren’t really into partying, but as most university students, we still had some friends who would come over 2-3 times a month in twos or threes to hang out, bake, drink some wine, and chill.

Nice times.

OP and her friends were respectful of the rules.

Once the weather got warm enough, we would sit in the garden and talk.

And here, you’ll just have to take my word that we were only talking until the clock hits 22:00, as that’s when the official “night hours” start round here.

So, no shouting, not even the quietest of music, no more than 4 people having a chill conversation in their own back yard.

Working and studying, mind you, don’t leave much time for such luxuries. So again, that’s no more than twice a month.

Meet their neighbor.

Across the fence, there lived a JustNo family.

An older lady and her husband in one house, and her daughter, toddler grandkids, and two small obnoxious dogs barking all day every day in the next, both sharing a garden bordering on ours.

Two-meter high concrete wall between us and them, additionally.

They seemed to be very sensitive to the sounds OP and her friends make.

We had never met them in person, until they started showing up at 22:05, demanding that we go inside, and close all windows so as not to be heard at all.

Because otherwise, we are a great awful inconvenience, super loud, and in absolute breach of the rules.

Not true, but the constant bickering, threats, and calls to the landlord spoiled any enjoyment of the garden and summer evenings for us.

The final straw was when the husband appeared, at 22:02 (so he had obviously been waiting) to lecture us how we can be as loud as we want, but no later than 22:00, because “in this community, we have rules”.

So, they thought of a plan.

Alrighty then. Cue Malicious Compliance.

Both of us enjoy a wide variety of musical genres. Jazz, blues, swing, classical, folk, the occasional pop or rap track… You name it.

And rock. And metal. Abundantly.

They created a nightly music hour.

So, for the next two years, every evening with nice enough weather, the time from 21:00 to 22:00 became the Neighbourhood Musical Education Hour.

And at this point, it ain’t jazz either, and is as loud as we damn well please.

We’re having a blast, unwinding from the day, incorporating all cooking and showering into a dance routine.

Then, all music stops at the strike of 22:00 (yes, we have an actual church with actual bells that ring even at that time of the night).

The neighbors complained about it.

And on and on, evening after evening, till the leaves start to fall, and it gets too cold to blast some nice Ramstein or Pink Floyd or whatever through the huge-ass living-room window.

They tried to complain to the landlord about it, too.

But at this point, he told them that they got exactly what they asked for and to piss right off.

Looks like there’s nothing they can do about it.

Only thing we hear from the other side of the fence nowadays is them screeching at their dogs.

(I swear to all the gods I don’t believe in, if I hear that “Cooooooookiiieeeee” sound once more, they’re getting Marilyn Manson for a week straight).

And they lived happily ever after. The end.

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