July 1, 2024 at 12:45 pm

New NASA Report Reveals That Every Month For The Past Year Has Been The Hottest On Record

by Michael Levanduski

Source: NASA

NASA has been keeping track of the average global temperature since 1951. They generally release the averages each month, and keep track of how it compares to historical averages.

In order to provide accurate data, NASA uses the average global temperatures for the years 1951-1980 when comparing new data.

With the release of the data for May 2024, a new record has been set, but this is not a good one.

Every month for a full year has now broken the record for the highest average temperature on record.

While some temperature fluctuation over the course of years is normal, having the highest temperature on record for 12 months straight has never happened before.

This is just one more piece of obvious evidence showing that the temperature is rising at an alarming rate.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson released a statement on this new record, saying:

“It’s clear we are facing a climate crisis. Communities across America—like Arizona, California, Nevada—and communities across the globe are feeling first-hand extreme heat in unprecedented numbers. NASA and the Biden-Harris Administration recognize the urgency of protecting our home planet. We are providing critical climate data to better lives and livelihoods, and benefit all humanity.”

Of course, for most people, there isn’t even a need to look at the data from NASA to know that temperatures are going up.

Just step outside.

While there are exceptions to this, most people will have noticed that this past winter was milder than normal, and this summer is already off to a very hot start.

Last summer was also a scorcher.

Dr. Kate Calvin, NASA’s Chief Scientist and Senior Climate Advisor commented:

“We’re experiencing more hot days, more hot months, more hot years. We know that these increases in temperature are driven by our greenhouse gas emissions and are impacting people and ecosystems around the world.”

You can watch a video about this situation and what it means to people around the world here:

This is just the latest piece of evidence showing that it is getting hotter.

The question remains, what will we do about climate change.

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