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Nosey Co-Worker Complained About Them Being Late Because Of Traffic, So They Decided To Arrive Early To Claim Their Favorite Parking Spot

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Pixabay

I had a friend in high school who had such a huge grudge against a girl that he would get to the school parking lot early every morning to steal her favorite spot.

And here’s the kicker: he didn’t even go to the same school as her!

He had a friend pick him up there every morning and take him to the school he attended in town.

Talk about dedication!

That story from my past reminded me of the one you’re about to read from Reddit.

Take a look at what happened.

I took a coworker’s parking spot after they complained I was arriving late.

“My commute to work got progressively longer and unpredictable over the past year due to 4 bridge closures occurring within months or weeks of each other.

No date has been given for their reopening, so for the time being, short of heading off for work an hour or two ahead of time, you risk arriving a minute to 5 minutes late once or twice a week.

Everyone has been impacted by the traffic in one way or another, which I mention because there was no way someone could feign ignorance.

There was one HUGE problem.

One coworker, though, didn’t care about legitimate reasons for my being slightly late for work every now and then, and complained so adamantly behind my back about it that my immediate supervisor reluctantly wrote me up.

I knew it had to be that one coworker because they would get noticeably irritated whenever traffic conditions were brought up. They would leave the room, loudly interrupt with unimportant questions or comments, or roll their eyes.

They’re also known for complaining about every little thing, at one point having played a big role in not having a seasonal employee rehired the following year.

They put in the extra effort.

Despite that coworker, I love my job. So I started leaving for work an hour an a half earlier than before. My arrival time is now anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes before my shift starts.

And that’s when I noticed the annoying coworker always arrives about 10 minutes early and always has a very convenient street parking space available.

I used to park on a different side of our building before traffic got bad, and had never noticed that they’d unofficially claimed that public parking spot as theirs.

I’ll take that!

Most of the time, I’m at work early enough to get my pick of any spot in our always crowded employee parking lot, but no parking spot other than theirs makes up for my having to wake up at 5:30 in the morning.

That coworker can’t complain about my being late now. They know better than anyone that I’m at work way before I have to.

I’ve mentioned my arrival time to other coworkers with them in earshot, so they know I’m parking there out of spite. I’ve also gone as far as parking right in the middle of a space large enough to acomodate their car and mine.

I have no idea if they’ve complained to our supervisor about it or not, but I really want them to have been stupid enough to complain about my taking their public parking spot away.”

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I’ll take that spot, thank you very much!

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