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Nosy Neighbor Found Out That This Woman Was Pregnant, Then Confronted Her Saying Should Have Been The First One To Know

by Heide Lazaro

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Being pregnant is such a wonderful and exciting stage in a woman’s life.

But telling it to people is the discretion of the soon-to-be mom.

However, this intrusive neighbor just couldn’t resist prying! She thinks that OP is a jerk for not announcing the pregnancy to her first.

Wait, what? You be the judge!

AITA for not telling my neighbour that I’m pregnant?

This sounds so stupid, but I’m stressed out about it.

I live in a strata with pretty good neighbours.

I love where I live, and we were able to buy our first house because houses built in a strata are usually cheaper than single homes.

If you’re outside of Canada, a strata is similar to HOA.

So, OP has a nosy neighbor.

Since I first moved in, I’ve had a nosey neighbour who comments on everything and everyone (trying to get you on certain sides of debates, which I don’t agree with doing).

She told me the first day that I moved in that she was the head of the strata (which she wasn’t, that’s a whole other story), and told me that my next-door neighbour was the biggest jerk to roam the earth.

Turns out, my neighbour is LOVELY, and we get along great.

OP never liked her.

This crazy neighbour of mine lives down at the end of the complex, and will stop you to talk about her life and her perfect daughter for an hour.

I try to steer clear if I see her outside.

She asks personal questions which I avoid.

Another neighbor congratulated OP on her pregnancy.

Anyways, I was outside getting the mail, and another neighbour walked by, noticing that I have a bump (almost half-way through my pregnancy, and starting to show).

We talked about it briefly, and she shared congratulations.

I’m walking back with my mail, and notice that nosey neighbour was listening to the conversation.

The nosy neighbor wanted to be the first to hear the news.

She walked over, and said that she should have been in the loop about my pregnancy before the other neighbours.

I told her that it’s none of her business, and I wasn’t planning on outright telling anyone anyways.

It’s not something that I need to share with neighbours I don’t get along with especially.

Now, OP is wondering if what she did or said was wrong.

Anyways, I got glares from her, and she stormed away after getting her mail form the post box as well.

She said that “this isn’t the proper way for you to communicate a pregnancy to me.” (Wtf?)

Am I really an asshole for not wanting her to know about the pregnancy?

Let’s find out and read the comments of other Reddit users.

Let the bashing begin.

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This user shares what they would do if they were in OP’s shoes.

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OMG! Someone finally said it.

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Not even a little bit, says this user.

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This one thinks the neighbor needs to focus on something else.

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Clearly, she needs to have a life and not interfere with others’ lives.

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