July 11, 2024 at 6:38 am

‘One day that child will no longer need you.’ – Mom Wonders Why Parents Won’t Drop Their Children Off At School And Says It’s Vital To Parenting

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@thelifeofc

Being a parent might be the best job in the world but it’s also the toughest.

And we all have different parenting styles and priorities, and for some, the school pickup and drop off is vital.

This difference was really portrayed by a TikTok stitch where one mom didn’t feel picking up and dropping off was something she had to do when her kids were old enough to get the bus.

Source: TikTok/@thelifeofc

But wow did another mom really disagree.

@thelifeofc told her followers in a viral and contentious TikTok that she valued the trips as time to get to know her child more and to share.

But she also said she felt it was critical to do the journeys herself for safety reasons.

@thelifeofc said: “If you haven’t seen this original video, the creator is basically stating that her 6-year-old wants to stop riding the bus and wants her to come do pick up and drop off from school.”

Source: TikTok/@thelifeofc

She explained how the other mom wanted advice on the situation but @thelifeofc just couldn’t wrap her head round why this is even a question when the car trips would “bring joy to her child and make her feel special.”

She said: “If you are privileged enough to be able to do pick-up and drop-off every single day for your child, why wouldn’t you?”.

She continued: “And I’m just gonna gloss over the whole safety issue, and the fact that I personally know what happens on buses because I went on buses every day of my life when I was in school, right?”.

Source: TikTok/@thelifeofc

She told her followers: “I take my kid to school every day and I pick him up from school every day because I want to spend time with my child.”

For her this time on pickups and drop offs is about getting to know her child more and for her child to share with her.

She said: “On the way to school we talk about what he’s gonna do for the day. We listen to music, we catch up. After school we talk about what happened during his day, again, we catch up.”

She added a pretty terrifying thought at the end of her post. “One day that child will no longer need you and if you only do the things that you are obligated to do as the parent … they will not want you either.”

Now, all moms and dads have different views on this and if the child has a safe route to school, no one is necessarily wrong or right, surely.

And not all parents can do the drop off and pick up because they’re too busy working but everyone’s case is different.

Watch the full clip here:


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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

A lot of judgement going on.

Source: TikTok/@thelifeofc

Wow, the reactions are strong on this one!

Source: TikTok/@thelifeofc

The environmental voice is a consideration too!

Source: TikTok/@thelifeofc

This one will likely stir the pot.

Maybe just let parents do their own thing!

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