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Roommates Share A Vehicle, But One Of Them Who Doordashes Isn’t Paying For Their Share of the Gas, So The Others Refuse To Fill The Tank Anymore

by Benjamin Cottrell

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Living with roommates can be a drag, especially when everyone isn’t doing their fair share.

They say a little kindness goes a long way, but sometimes it’s wasted on a roomie who’s just plain selfish – or are they?

Check out this Reddit story where a little miscommunication causes a whole lot of drama.

Ask me to put the gas back in the car once I’m done using it, but never do it in return? Ok.

Maybe it’s malicious compliance, maybe it isn’t. I’ll let you guys decide.

Our roommate (M 24), my husband (M 30), and I (NB 23) share a vehicle. Roommate and I both Doordash just to fill in the gaps of our regular pay.

One of the things we talked about our roommate moved in was whenever any of us use the car, we will replace the gas used.

Sounds like a fair arrangement.

My husband and I always leave together to Doordash, and after each time, we always fill the tank back up to full.

Recently, we noticed every time, except once, that the roommate goes Doordashing, he doesn’t replace the gas, leaving it to my husband and I to do it.

Even if he doesn’t go Doordashing, he still expects us to fill the car up again to full before we Doordash.

Now that’s just plain inconsiderate.

Not to mention we’re constantly expected to pay for everyone’s food (including the roommate’s) all the time when we go out to eat.

We had that talk of “if we go out to eat, please try to keep it under ‘x’ amount per person.” Not that it’s a huge deal if paying for everyone’s food, but we’re living paycheck to paycheck as it is, so it adds up sometimes.

We Doordash to make sure we can afford all bills accordingly.

Hey, things get expensive!

My husband had to mention to the roommate that, “Hey, we have some bills to still pay off this week, and we aren’t able to afford all three of us to pay on one bill for dinner, so would you mind paying for what you get this time and maybe put the gas you used back into the car?”

The roommate paid for the food, but refused to pay for the gas.

What gives?

My husband and I went Doordashing with the same amount of gas he left it in when he got home from dashing the other night.

Now, I call myself petty for it, but I refused to refill the tank all the way back up again this time.

Then, when we got done Doordashing, I stopped at the gas station, and put exactly what we used in gas, back into the car.

Nothing more, nothing less.

The roommate goes Doordashing again tomorrow. As far as he knows, the tank is full like always. I feel like he’s going to be in for a surprise when he sees it’s not.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s his vehicle (financed and in his name) and I get I may not have much room to complain, but we’ve put more money into this car than he has on our dime, and didn’t ask for any repayment.

It just seems like maybe putting in a little bit of gas that he used isn’t too much to ask for when he expects us to fill the car up each time we get done using it.

It’s time to break out the receipts. Who’s in the wrong here? Redditors took to the comments to debate.

Is it really malicious compliance? This user doesn’t seem to think so.

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

This user seems to think both parties should step up and take responsibility.

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But they’d better do it quick, because even more trouble may be on the horizon.

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This redditor says enough is enough!

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

The jury is still out on where the financial responsibility lies.

But one thing is clear: something about this arrangement needs to change and fast!