July 7, 2024 at 1:19 pm

Real Estate Developers Got Pushback About Commercial Buildings, So They Proposed a 24-Hour Go Kart Track Instead

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

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If you want an idea about how to get one over on people, let this tale from Reddit be your guide.

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Another zoning law tale.

“This happened in the 1980s in a well to do Bay Area suburb, and several family members were the architects of this malicious compliance.

My dad & his cousins owned a large parcel of land (10 acres) that was full of junk, piles of dirt & rocks and a few abandoned vehicles beyond rusted out.

Being the kids of real estate developers & entrepreneurs, they decide they wanted to build 2 office buildings, but their land was zoned for light industrial, and they needed it to be rezoned to commercial.

So they file the necessary paperwork and make the surrounding community aware of their plans.

Not everyone was happy about it.

This is where the community gets worried that a sudden influx of cars during the day at office buildings would lower their quality of life, and starts protesting and sending letter threatening legal action if they proceed with the rezoning process.

So my dad and his closest cousin/best friend get this idea to use the mostly useless lot for something that the neighbors and the community would really wouldn’t like in order to make an office park seem reasonable by comparison.

This sounds fun!

After hours of ideas are thrown around, they decide to build a massive go kart track, as it falls under a light industrial zoning law loophole, and then they decide to go for the grand slam and make it a 24 hour go kart track.

The plan worked!

The surrounding neighborhoods & community as well as the immediate neighbors were so vocal about this new venture that they began pleading with my dad & family members to re-apply for the rezoning and that they would all support an office park of the god awful 24hr go kart track.

Not being that vindictive, they restarted the process a week later to convert the site to a commercial office park.”

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