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Rude Customer Didn’t Want To Help Him Out By Returning A Few Rent-To-Own Items, So She Tells Him To Come Grab Everything And Immediately Regrets The Decision

by Trisha Leigh

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Nine times out of ten, being rude to a customer service agent on the phone is not going to work out in your favor.

And not even bothering to listen to them before screaming?

Yeah, they do not care about inconveniencing you.

This guy worked for a rent-to-own company, and when he had the opportunity to empty this woman’s house over her attitude, he totally did it.

Read on to hear the whole story!

Sure ill take everything…

Some background, I used to work at a rent to own company that we can call rental center.

My state takes a dim view of rent to own so to get around it rental center offers a “rental term” at the end of wich your last few payments are converted to a loan and when you pay it off the renatal is yours.

When you start you get a 90 day price but if it isn’t paid off on day 91 your in it for the long haul. Basically 4 times the 90 day price.

You could package items together to make your weekly bill cheaper.

You could turn in anything you wanted but to get it back you had to start over. Our store bought items on credit and as an item was paid on by a customer, the amount we owed was paid on.

So we buy an item for 500, you rent it and pay 50 payments maybe we owe 50 bucks still.

If you turn it in we rent it to someone else at the full rental price but still only owe the last 50.

It was just a technicality to solve.

Anyway, one day a pain the butt customer, ill call Karen, called to have us pick up a stove.

We went, grabbed it, brought it back, no problem.

A week later and I’m doing inventory. I find the stove and it isn’t on my in store inventory list. I look it up to see why and it turns out this thing was in a package with 2 other items and her account rep didn’t check.

Those other 2 items are still there.

We had this dumb rule where if you turn something in, to be counted among inventory it had to physically be brought back in to the store.

I realize this lady has 2 items that have to be brought back before i can reissue a contract for them. I know this is going to be annoying so i look at the 2 items she still had.

Turns out we only owe like 120 bucks left for the 2 remaining items so what i decide to do is offer her, her fridge and and window ac at 120$ 90 day same-as-cash for the hassle of having to pick them up.

This was going to save her bunch of money in the long run, even if she couldn’t pay it in 90 days.

So Id pick them up, bring them back, count them as inventory, write up the new contract bring them back in an hour. She saves a bunch everybody wins.

But, she wouldn’t even let him talk.

Im usually great with customers and i can usually calm them down when a problem comes up so I call and tell Karen about the problem, let her know i need to pick them up.

Before i can tell her the freakin deal she about to get for the trouble she starts cursing at me. “THIS is BS! You people are incompetent” lots worse names and so on.

This call ends up last 20 mins with her freaking out the whole time.

I keep trying to say hold on let me explain but Karen has skipped “may i speak to the manager” and gone full scorched earth.

She says come get it all!

I try again to diffuse the situation and explain but get called some vile shit for my trouble and again get told to come get it all! I look at the computer, smile and say ok sure!

Que malicious compliance.

So, he took “take everything” literally.

Karen didn’t realize come get it would basically mean empty my trailer.

She had a fridge and an ac along with the stove.

She had a living room set, 2 tvs 2 other widow unit acs, a bed she even had lamps.

This lady had been paying on this stuff for a long time and some of these contracts are close the final term.

She was about to lose it all.

I get in an empty truck w/ another employee and drive to her trailer and her husband answers the door.

Her husband just let it happen.

Dude i feel bad for her husband to this day…. he was super nice!

I tell him Karen has told us to come get everything and he opens the door while apologizing to me for her behavior.

She’s not there.

I tried to talk to him about the deal, hoping he could calm it down but he said it was just better to do what she wanted.

She, predictably, was quite upset.

So we load all the big stuff as fast as we can. Im about to grab 1 one of the ac units when i hear her pull up.

She comes storming up the driveway cursing us with one of her friends. I hear her get to the front door. Her husband is there.

I hear her say to her husband “YOU’RE AS STUPID AS YOUR MOTHER!” Her husband has aparently been conditioned to this and doesn’t say anything.

I decide im not carrying the window ac through the house with her acting like this so i just lift the window and let it fall out, id go around outside and pick it up.

The other employee walks out and shes cursing at him he goes and sits in the truck. I come out and karen goes nuclear.

“This is such BS! Why are you taking this stuff blah blah blah, followed by some horrible names and a lot cursing”

I smile and say you told me to come get Everything…. Twice!…. i walk right past her smiling.

I grab the fallen ac unit while she is stammering “you better bring all that back right now! (She followed these statements with name calling and and talking crap, talking about our families, anything and everything.)

If she had just stopped for a moment and spoke to me like a human I would have put it back but she didn’t.

This guy wasn’t backing down at this point, though.

I put the ac on the truck and say “Im sorry, I can’t do that. Once it’s on the truck it HAS to go back to the store to inventory and check it for damage but then I’d be glad to talk to her about putting it on a new contract.

While i was finishing loading up the truck this lady is calling me every vile thing she could think of, and my responses are things like “uhhuh” and “ok” all with a smile on my face like she is saying the sweetest things.

The more i do this the more red and angry she becomes.

I wave and smile like we are old friends and say have a nice day!

I swear to you i have never before or since seen someone’s face turn purple with rage. She yells “F*** you!”

And i say “ok, you too” like she she’d just said she’d miss me, and drove off.

That was the day i learned that nothing will piss a Karen off more than a sweet smile when they think you should be upset.

Sounds like this was a day to remember.

I wonder what Reddit thinks!

Lucky you.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

No argument from anyone there.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Some people don’t have a choice, though.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

You can be smart about it.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

This woman should have learned a lesson that day.

She probably didn’t, though.

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