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Sales Agent Insists On Offering A Credit Card To Her Deceased Father, So She Said “Ok, I’ll Open His Account”

by Heide Lazaro

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Credit card agents can be so pushy.

Even if you say no, they would insist that you apply for one, and even sway you with promos, waived fees, and other perks and benefits.

What’s funny is even in this case, when the person they are offering the card to has already passed away, they just wouldn’t stop.

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Okay, I’ll Open His Account

I’m not sure if this counts as malicious compliance, but I read a similar story here, and wanted to share my own.

My dad died in 2015, but we were still getting non-stop credit card offers for him.

I decided to call up the company, and get them to stop sending my dad mail.

They just wouldn’t stop.

I got on the line with a woman, told her that my dad was dead, and wanted his name taken off their mailing list.

She kept insisting she needed to talk to the person the mail was being sent to OR his death certificate.

I kept telling her he was dead and that he was receiving offers, had no credit card at this company, and I was under no obligation to send his death certificate in to stop JUNK MAIL.

This same conversation was going in circles.

So, OP finally gave in, but…

Finally, I said, “Fine! I’d like to open this credit card under his name, then” to which she replied, “But you just said he was deceased.”

I just said, “Yes” and she was silent for a few seconds before transferring me to the correct helpers.

Uhm, awkward. Let’s see what other people have to say about this story.

This user shared a similar experience.

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Haha! This one’s a funny response.

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These guys are hilarious!

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Here’s another witty suggestion.

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Overall, people loved your story, OP.

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

Moral of the story: If they won’t listen, just say YES!

You never know. It might work.

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