July 1, 2024 at 1:15 pm

She Doesn’t Want To Spend Time With Her Stepfamily While Her Dad Is Out Of Town, But Now She’s Worried Because They’re All Calling Her Selfish

by Abby Jamison


When your parents are divorced, there’s always problems.

For this teenager, her dad expects her to spend time with her step family while he’s out of town for two months.

She has her reasons for not wanting to do it, even if they’re mad at her.

Let’s get the full story…

AITA for refusing to go to my dad’s house when he’s not there?

My dad is leaving town in a week or maybe like a week and a half. I forget when. He’ll be out of town for about 2 months. Not sure why exactly but something to do with work.

My parents custody order says if mom or dad isn’t around for more than 4 hours I (15m) go to the other parent and if one of them is going out of town without me, they need to give the other the option to keep me for that period of time.

So with my dad going I’ll be staying with my mom.

My dad’s wife isn’t happy about this and neither is my dad. He’s married but not to my mom.

They expect her to spend more time with them…

He has three kids with his wife, under 6. They want me to go at least on weekends to see his wife and their kids. But they argued for me to keep 50/50.

I don’t even want to be there when my dad’s there. I’m not close to my dad. I really hate his wife. I don’t respect her or accept her into my family.

Reasons I feel this way in general are she’s dad’s affair partner or whatever it’s called.

She tried to get me to call her mom in another language because she doesn’t like me calling her by her first name (so I just say Ms Last Name) and wanted the respect of a parent name.

She has her reasons for not wanting to be there…

They talk bad about my mom despite having the affair, they accuse my mom of turning me against them, despite my dad taking me to his wife’s house when they were having the affair and I saw them together and my dad and his wife tried to move out of state with me so “we could be a family”.

I had to speak to the judge when that happened. It was sucky.

So I’m only dealing with the custody stuff until I turn 17 (because then my voice will be listened to by a judge and not before then, we have checked with lawyers already).

My dad told me to think of the kids and how they’ll miss me.

I told him it will help them get used to me not being around because when I turn 17 I won’t be anymore.

They don’t believe her…

He told me my feelings will change in two years and to embrace my time with them.

His wife said I’m a part of their family and should want to spend time with my other mom and my only siblings.

I rolled my eyes at her. She called me disrespectful. She told me to stop being so stubborn and I said no.

I said she can’t make me go to the house when dad isn’t around and they know they can’t get a court to force it so accept that they won’t see me for two months.

My dad and his wife both think I’m an AH for it and they keep saying how much they dislike my decision.


Let’s get into the comments…

This user points out the parent’s clear manipulation.

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This commenter thinks stepmom has an ulterior motive.

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Another person thinks court order is best!

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And this person relates to the story, too.

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I hope this girl is able to enjoy her time away from her stressful family!

Because it doesn’t sound like they have her best interests at heart.

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