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She Found Out Her Stepsister Was Rude To Her Overweight Friend, So She Wouldn’t Let Her Come On Her Birthday Trip

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

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AITA for kicking my stepsister out of my birthday trip?

“I (19F) am the daughter of separated parents, and my father’s new wife has a daughter, Sophie (18F).

Last year my friends and I, including my best friend, May (20F), Debby (20F), and another 4 girls, decided to go on a trip for to celebrate my birthday.

Here it comes…

My father called me to ask me to take Sophie with us, because she felt a little left out and I accepted it, even if me and her didint have a close relationship.

The trip was one of the best of my life, but I noticed that May was a little down. I asked what was wrong and she said she was fine, just a little tired, so I believed her.

When we returned home, we promised that the following year we would repeat the trip if possible.

This wasn’t cool at all.

But this year, when I started preparing everything, Debby came to talk to me and showed me texts from a group chat that I was not part, which had the exact date of the time we were on the trip, last year, where Sophie was talking bad about May and calling her names, like “Whale”, “Fat bit**” and other cruel things.

For context, May is a fat woman.

I spoke to May and she confirmed that during the trip, Sophie was completely unpleasant to her, always commenting on her body and her personality, for no apparent reason.

But she didn’t say anything, so as not to ruin the vibe of the trip party, and to not create tension between me and my father’s side of the family, and after the trip, she ended up forgeting about completly.

I went to my father’s house, and told Sophie that I knew everything, and she turned pale when she saw the texts I had.

She put an end to that.

I basically kicked her out of the trip and told her I didn’t want to see her again.

Now, the other girls in the group, apart from Debby and May, are saying that I was an ******* for kicking Sophie out for something so insignificant, and that if Sophie doesn’t go, neither will they.

AITA for kicking her out?”

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