July 2, 2024 at 3:31 pm

‘How do I explain it to my boss?’ – Remote Worker Accidentally Charged Her Hotel To Her Corporate Credit Card

by Ashley Ashbee

Source: TikTok/@lyssserrr

Working remotely has become super common since COVID and with it has also emerged various potential complications.

You may forget to log hours or accidentally sign into a corporate account.

But have you ever accidentally used a corporate credit card for a personal purchase?

TikToker @lyssserrr made that unfortunate mistake. And it revealed something she hadn’t told her boss.

Source: TikTok/@lyssserrr

“I accidentally charged my hotel to my corporate credit card,” she says in the caption.

But it gets worse.

The purchase was a hotel fee in Mexico.

“How do I explain it to my boss?” she asks in the caption.

She films her laptop screen to show the expense and it’s unmistakably not from the U.S.

Source: TikTok/@lyssserrr

She doesn’t speak in this video, but lets the overlay text, her facial expressions, the shot of the expense and the scenery behind her speak for her.

“She has no idea I’m working remotely out of Mexico.”

Source: TikTok/@lyssserrr

She doesn’t cry or seem to panic in the video. She just states the facts and makes the kind of faces you make when you’re cringing about something.

It’s almost like she’s presenting it as something funny rather than an appeal for ideas or sympathy, hence the silly Spongebob Squarepants music.

Watch the full clip here.



♬ sad SpongeBob music – michael

Let’s check out what folks have to say about this video.

Get some tech knowledge, people! A lot of commenters noted that it’s not possible to keep this from her boss.

Source: TikTok/@lyssserrr

I thought the skull was a nice touch. Is she suggesting she will get fired?

Source: TikTok/@lyssserrr

I loved the sarcasm in this one.

Source: TikTok/@lyssserrr

You have to enter in the name of the cardholder and their address. Unless there was some sort of autofill?

Source: TikTok/@lyssserrr

The cybersecurity enthusiast in me is glad this person said this.

Source: TikTok/lyssserrr

Maybe she should freelance.

It seems like she might be looking for a new job soon.

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