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She Planned Her Dream Birthday But Her Friends And Family All Cancelled, But Then They Expected Her To Be Happy They Had Planned A Surprise Party

by Trisha Leigh

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There are all kinds of posts on Reddit, and a bunch of them that are bound to make most good and decent people secondhand angry.

This one, though, really got under my skin.

This poor woman has never had a proper birthday party, so she decided to work really hard and plan one for herself.

Her friends and family had other ideas, though, and their execution leaves a lot to be desired.

Check it out.

AITA for not being grateful for my birthday surprise

I have never had a birthday party or dinner, and it is something that I have always wanted, but I don’t know why I always thought it was unattainable in my adult life.

I was talking to my friend and telling her how my family never celebrates birthdays because my dad is really religious and how I always feel lonely on my birthday.

She decided she should take control of her destiny and planned the party she wanted.

She asked me why I didn’t celebrate my birthday now that I was an adult, and I thought, Yeah, why don’t I celebrate myself now that I am grown?

I planned myself a birthday dinner at a fancy restaurant and told everyone that as long as they kept their order under $35, I would pay for it.

So I made sure to work overtime for 3 months in advance because I heard there is always a fight about the bill, so I didn’t want that to be a reason for conflict on my birthday.

I invited 12 people that said they would come (family and friends, which include my mom now that my dad is dead; she is no longer super religious for some reason).

She even dolled herself up, and you can actually feel her excitement for the big night.

Yesterday I had my nails, makeup, and hair done professionally.

I just wanted to look really nice, and I have actually only been to formal events like three times in my life, so I was happy to be able to dress up nicely for once.

Which makes what happened to her even worse.

I got to my dinner, sat at my table, and waited 2 hours, and I kept getting calls from people, telling me they were running late to not being able to come anymore.

And after 2 hours, everyone finally told me they were not coming.

They didn’t tell me before the dinner; they were all telling me at the time of reservation or later.

The waiter felt so bad because I was crying while I was on the phone with someone I considered to be my friend, telling me she wasn’t coming for me and that even though I didn’t order a meal, he gave me a free birthday slice.

I didn’t even get any pictures in my outfit because I thought someone would help take them for me at the restaurant, and by the time I left the restaurant, my makeup was ruined.

Turns out they had planned their own party.

My mom called me on my way home and asked me to stop at her house because she had a present for me. She says she is sorry she didn’t come, but she was feeling extremely unwell, and she wanted to have a present at least.

I go to her house, and I open the door to a surprise, and people see that my face was messed up because I had been crying, so someone says, “Aww, she thought we forgot her,” and I look at the 12 people that were invited to my dinner and am just disappointed that they traded what I wanted for my birthday for this.

They left me stranded and humiliated at a restaurant for hours. I left the surprise party after 5 minutes and just told my mom to keep her present to herself.

I am sorry, but AITa, for not seeing a good intention here, Am I overreacting??

How dare she be ungrateful!

Oh man, I hope everyone on Reddit wants to be her best friend.

The top comment says intentions don’t always matter.

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Their actions were nothing short of cruel.

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All of these people sound horrible.

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It shouldn’t have been on their terms.

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It was mean to the restaurant, too.

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My heart actually broke.

She needs some new friends, stat.

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