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She Said Her Sick Daughter Needs Home Cooked Food Because Of Possible Allergies, But Her Friend Got Mad At Her And Asked Her To Not Over Step

by Sarrah Murtaza

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Have you ever had a friend who just didn’t understand her own problems?

It can be a really tricky situation to bring up an issue like that… and especially when it involve a child.

Check out how this lady got shut down for giving out some genuine, heartfelt advice.

AITA for telling my parent friend that she needs to cook and that is why her daughter isn’t eating.

My daughter has a best friend since kindergarten, they are in 7th grade.

This year Sara has gotten quite thin and her mom has come to me saying she isn’t eating. My daughter backed this up and said that she picks at her food at school.

She wanted to be cautious.

I thought it was an eating disorder at the time and told my friend to take her to the doctors.

My friend needed to leave for a work trip this week and asked me to watch over her.

No big deal, she will stay over for the week.

First night I made meatloaf and she ate it.

She didn’t get sick.

The girl loved her food.

The rest of the week anything I made she would eat no issue.

She even came back for seconds most meals.

At the end of the week she asked me when my food didn’t make her sick.

Apparently she only eats TV dinners at home which make her feel like crap.

The school food also sometimes makes her sick so she is cautious about it.

She tried figuring it out.

My guess is their is an allergen in preservative foods. She needs to get that checked out.

I dropped her off and pulled my friend to the side and told her everything.

I told her that she really needs to cook and take her to get her allergy checked out.

The mother didn’t receive it well.

She was not happy I said this and basically called me a j**k for overstepping

AITA? Should I apologize?

Why couldn’t the mother just take the advice and help her child?!

That’s INSANE!

Let’s find out what folks on Reddit think.

This person states some facts.

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This person wants to involve the police.

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This person doesn’t understand the mother’s behavior.

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This person has an alternative take on the situation.

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This person gets straight to the point.

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Or maybe she can cook and prepare before time and freeze if that helps.

Better than processed food!

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