July 10, 2024 at 9:33 pm

She Wanted To Enjoy A New Food Experience Without Her Picky Daughter-In-Law, But Now Everybody’s Feelings Are Hurt

by Trisha Leigh

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Listen, nobody likes to be left out, especially of fun family events.

But a mature person has to realize that not every event or occasion is for all people, and sometimes there really is a good reason you’ve been left sitting at home.

This woman loves trying new food but her daughter-in-law doesn’t.

Find out what happened when she booked a new and exciting meal but didn’t invite her daughter-in-law along for the ride.

AITA for not inviting my picky eater Dil to my dinner event

I will be as clear as possible. I like to try new food and there is a chef I have been following for years. She open a restaurant near me a few years ago and it is almost impossible to get a spot.

I was extremely lucky and got one. It is a fixed menu and you eat what you are served for the most part.

The menu changes or rotates about every week. They serve unique dishes.

She invited a few friends she knew would enjoy it, too.

Anyways when I booked it I booked for only five people. I invited my sisters, my two daughters and me. I also decided to pay for it all since I have a good job and wanted to treat them.

This is we’re the issue started, I have a DIL who is a picky eater. I didn’t include her in the invites because I know she wouldn’t eat it.

I can’t even be certain she would try dishes. She is the type of person that eat like 5 foods.

When her DIL found out she wasn’t one of them, her feelings were hurt.

Everyone runs in the same-ish circle and I got a call asking why she was not invited since she knows everyone that was invited. I tried to be polite by saying it was just a small gathering and move the conversation along.

She kept pushing and I told her it is because she is a picky eater. That I am not paying for someone to not like the food, or not even try it. She thinks I am very cruel for excluding her.

Does the daughter-in-law have a point?

Let’s find out what Reddit thinks?

They don’t know why she would even want to come.

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The reason why surly matters.

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She really should have known better.

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The entitlement is strong with this one.

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Apparently there are rules!

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I can see having your feelings hurt.

But surely she knows this isn’t something she would have enjoyed.

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