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She Wears A Piece Of Jewelry That Reminds Her Of Her Deceased Husband, Now That She’s Getting Married Her Former SIL Wants The Jewelry But She’s Reluctant To Part With It

by Trisha Leigh

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There’s nothing quite as heartbreaking as thinking you’ve found the love of your life, only to have that person and that life ripped away from you without warning.

People are resilient, though, and usually manage to pick up the pieces.

This woman lost her first love and first husband in a traumatic accident, but is now engaged to someone else.

Her former sister-in-law wants a keepsake piece of jewelry back, but this woman isn’t ready to let it go.

Read the whole story and decide for yourself if the sister is out of line!

AITA for not giving my former SIL the necklace I had made from my wedding rings from my deceased husband?

When I (27F) was 22 I got married to my high school sweetheart who passed away five months after we married when a drunk driver drove into his car.

The jewelry she had made helped her heal.

It took me a while to take off my rings, and when I did I didn’t want them to just sit in a draw forever.

So, I took them to a jeweller and had his and my rings melted down and used the gold and the stones to make a pendent and some small stud earrings.

I have the earrings in my jewellery box and I wear the necklace everyday.

One, because I like the way it looks and two, because I like the idea of having a tangible part of him with me always.

Now that she’s engaged to someone new, her SIL had a surprise request.

Last month my boyfriend (34M) of almost two years proposed to me and I said yes.

I keep in touch with my former SIL (29F) who we will call Ava and last weekend she invited me out for drinks.

We caught up a bit before she congratulated me on my engagement, she then asked me if she could have my necklace since it would mean more to her as his sister then it would to me now that I was getting remarried and moving on.

Which honestly stunned me that anyone would outright ask for something like that. I told her I would think about it and moved the conversation along but went home shortly after as it was just awkward.

I just want to make it clear that it is not an heirloom piece, or overly expensive. It was a small emerald ring that we found on holiday at a local jeweller and I fell in love with it.

Her bestie thinks the SIL might have a point.

I told my best friend (F28) about it and she said that it seemed strange that I was still so attached to it given its history and my new engagement.

She thinks that I should probably give it to Ava as it would mean more to her, and I should shed anything from my old life and embrace my new one.

She said that I should get a new necklace and make new memories, and that she would go with me or I could ask my fiancé.

The widow, though, says her feelings are more complex than that.

But the thing is yes, I have moved on, and I am completely happy in my relationship and I am so excited for the life we are creating together.

But a part of my will always have love for my former husband and mourn him and the life that we could have had together, and I don’t think that that takes away anything from my new relationship. They are different loves and lives.

But now it feels silly to me that I have conveyed all this into a necklace.

Her fiancee clearly loves her for all of who she is.

My fiancé says he does not care and he knows that I love him and our life together, and understands that I will always have some level of grief and that he loves how I have loved and keep loving and how I embrace life and people because of my experience.

So AITA for not wanting to give my former SIL my necklace?

Has this poor woman not been through enough?

Gah, I hope Reddit has some words of wisdom!

The top comment says her ex-SIL is way out of line.

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That’s not how grief works.

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You can’t just erase the past.

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She has every right to remember that love.

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Seriously, what a weird thing for her to want.

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It sounds like she has a great head on her shoulders.

And a great partner for the future.

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