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Soldier Is Coming Home From Deployment And Only Wants To Spend Time With His Wife, But His Mom Insists She Be There To Welcome Him Home

by Matthew Gilligan

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Let me paint a picture for you: a young soldier has been away from his wife for a long time and when he gets back, what do you think he’ll want to do?

Naturally, he’ll want to spend quality time with his woman…and I’m not talking about his MOTHER.

But this soldier’s mom didn’t get the point…and now there’s some serious tension going on in this family.

Check out what happened!

AITA for telling my mom I did not want her there when I got home from deployment?

“I (21M) have been deployed for the past 10 months and I will be getting home in one week.

My wife and I’s plan was for her to be the only one to know what date I was coming back, so that when I get leave we can go back and surprise all of our family and friends.

My wife (21F) visited home a couple weeks ago for a family event, and while she was there she spent a day with my mom and 2 younger sister (hs age). My mother is very pushy and doesn’t like surprises. So much so that me surprising her by coming home would make her mad at me.

She wouldn’t give it a rest.

My wife and I knew we would eventually have to tell her because of this, but we’re waiting until the last minute because she would have told my sisters if she knew my date.

Well, while my wife was there, my mom pushed and pushed.

Telling her that she wouldn’t speak to her, let the girls go places, and she had to know so she could take days off work. My wife gave her a week range of my leave (a couple weeks after I get back) so that she could request off.

Well, my mom texted me today telling me that she would be here for the welcome home when our plane lands.

Oh, boy…

I asked if she cleared this with my wife, seeing as she apparently planned to stay with us in our one bedroom apartment, and she said no. I asked if the girls knew and were coming, and she said no.

My mom has done a few things that presses between my wife and I, so I lost it on her. Told her I wouldn’t be giving her the date that I fly in, that if I wanted her there I would want my sisters there as well.

I stopped there until she started complaining that she was a single mom who raised me on her own, and that I should want to see her first. That’s when I told her I didn’t want her in my house at all when I first get home.

He wants some alone time with his wife.

I am a married, grown man now, I don’t need my mom, I want to see and spend time with my wife first and foremost. She pressed further saying “I’ve been here for u since before u were born, she’s been here for 4 years.”

Eventually trash talking my wife, saying she doesn’t even have a real job and doesn’t contribute. My wife is a nanny while she is in school, and she gets paid well, so she absolutely does contribute more than enough.

This is where I may be the *******. I told my mom that I was tired of her badgering, that I wanted to come home to my wife and be alone in our home with our pets.

He let her have it!

My wife and I would not want to host her, and we wanted the house to ourselves so that we can have *** wherever and whenever we please because we haven’t seen each other in so long.

My mom cried.

She’s sending me long paragraph texts every few hours about how she doesn’t know where her caring son went, about how I need to let my wife go because I use her for her body, about how all I care about is my own pleasure, and I have no care for my family at all.


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His mom needs to back off!

Let the guy have his space!

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