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Student Wore Bandaids To Cover Up Their Cuts And Scrapes, So When A Teacher Told Them To Take Them Off He Grossed Her Out On Purpose

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

Full disclosure: the person who wrote this story seems to be a bit of an oddball…

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, read their story and see how they put their teacher in her place.

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Teacher told me to remove my bandaids because there “unsightly” so I showed her unsightly.

“Preface: I am not self-harming myself, I am just a very clumsy person with a high pain tolerance who works with sharp objects, I also wear these bandages to keep me from scratching at them because I have no self-control

The story:

I injure myself a lot, falling downstairs, bumping into a wall, getting a face-full of the door the works. I also have high pain tolerance, so most of my scrapes are just superficial and just look kinda gross, so I cover them with something, bandaids, medical tape, a tissue, and tape. This is where our cumulative issues begin.

They kind of sound like a disaster, to be honest…

My nervous habit it’s to pick at my nails, to the point that they will bleed, to counteract this , I put pieces of medical tape around my nails and fingers. So I almost constantly have tape around my fingers.

I do Science Olympiad, my event requires me to cut pieces of wood with a saw or boxcutter. And not being the master of fine motor skills, I do eventually slip up so slap another bandaid on that.

Finally, I do theatre, the scenes we do are kinda rough (I’m in multiple fight scenes) and we do it on gross office carpet so many carpet burns on elbows and knees.

A few months ago we switched schedules and I had to go to my bible class, now this teacher is in no way the best, but she’s tolerable, so we have Lil ol me walking into class with at least 5-10 bandaids on her person, still on nerve from a presentation before and getting stares from the teacher.

We need to talk…

My classmates were chill with all the bandaids at this point is no additional issues. While we are doing the worksheet, she comes over and says “may we talk after class”.

And my obedient little self says sure. We get to after class and she tells me that my bandaids are disturbing, I told her that I could change to skin tone ones( these were bright colors) she says no, this dense carrot tells me “they’re unsightly” and. “ I shouldn’t hurt myself” I sigh and agree to stop wearing the bandaids, just to please this stale turnip.

Get ready to be grossed out!

The next day rolls around, showing up to school with some scabby fingers, strawberry knees and some scratches on my arm. Personally, I’m fine with blood and ick but even this was kinda unsightly.

Walking into class extra early just to see the horrified look on the sour beet’s face is lovely, my knees started to bleed a little from the constant movement.

She pulls me aside again after class and said I could continue using my bandaids.”

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Well, that was pretty gross!

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