July 8, 2024 at 10:31 pm

The Internet Can’t Decided Whether Or Not This Woman In An Advertisement Is AI Or Not

by Laura Lynott

Source: X/@beckylitv

You’re there scrolling and a video with a woman pops up trying to sell you something – there’s nothing unusual there, right?

But is she real?!

A video of a completely human looking brown-haired woman has gone viral despite it just being an ad.

And that’s because people posting it are claiming the woman is AI generated.

I mean, really ya couldn’t get better clickbait, right?

Source: X/@beckylitv

The woman, who’s sitting in a car, said: “So let me get this straight. You guys are telling me that when you’re out of the house for hours, you’re comfortable walking around with all that stanky body that’s been building up on you all day?”.

Obviously she’s about to pitch a product and no ad should be going so viral but it IS and it’s very likely down to someone originally asking is she AI generated.

Now, isn’t this a marketer’s dream – and the cynic in me says could this just be a huge viral marketing campaign?! Hmmm.

Source: X/@beckylitv

Anyhow, it IS totally a viral marketing campaign.

The video is plugging wipes and the woman @beckylitv who shared the clip, happens to sell wipes.

Source: X/@beckylitv

Do you fall for viral ads or just scroll on by? Are they annoying or hey, it’s a case of God loves a trier!

Here’s the full not viral AI ad:

Here’s what people thought of the viral clip:

They buying the AI thing….

Source: X/@beckylitv

Wild like this wild?!

Source: X/@beckylitv

Winning comments!

Source: X/@beckylitv

Sometimes it seems like the world is going crazy.

And honestly, who’s to say that it isn’t?