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Their Car Was Towed For No Reason, So They Paid The Towing Fee In Change And Small Bills

by Matthew Gilligan

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I haven’t had to deal with a towing company in many years and honestly, I hope I never do again!

Because it costs a pretty penny to get a towed car back AND they’re usually not the most pleasant folks on the planet.

So how did this person deal with their car getting towed?

Read their story and see what happened.

Cash only, you say?

“I was living in an apartment with a small lot, and during the winter if there was a storm we were supposed to move our car to the street for the plow.

Usually we would get an email and/or text with the time to be out by. Usually.

So one night overnight we get about an inch and a half of snow. This is a place that gets a decent amount of snow, so no big deal.

I wake up at a normal time, no text or anything, it’s gonna be like 40 degrees and sunny so it’s gonna melt anyway, I figure I don’t need to bother moving the car so I sit down to play some video games before I go to work.

Around 10 am or so, I hear the plow outside and say ahhhh ok, get my boots and coat on and get ready to go.

Time to dig out.

I get outside, plow is gone and people are starting to move back into the lot so rather than move my car for the sake of moving it, I clear off the snow, grab my shovel and clean out around the car where it got plowed in.

Honestly our plow drivers suck so it was the cleanest spot in the lot.

Go back inside for an hour or so, walk outside to go to work and car is gone. Hmm 🤔 what’s that about?

I didn’t get any call or notification or anything, nobody knocked on my door, I’m 99.9% sure it got towed but I’m fuming so I called the police non-emergency line to report it stolen.

Police super helpful, I explain the situation and that it’s probably towed but I’m confused as to why it was towed, they say it’s a civil matter so they aren’t going to charge anyone with theft but they are at least able to locate where the car is.


Tow shop across town, $15 dollar cab fee. Call the shop to confirm my car is there and see what the damage is, $180, cash only.

This is like 2019 in the United States so cash only kinda weird but I was working at a winery making tips so I had a lot of cash saved for a rainy day luckily.

A quirk of that is that being a small place, oftentimes the tips are in small bills, and we usually don’t have enough big bills to exchange them, so on a day I make $100+ in tips I leave with a lot of ones and fives.

First I tackle my change jar and count out $18 of loose change. Then I get the rest of the cash, as many ones as I can, then 2 fives gets me to $180 even. Perfect.

Honestly this was only half malicious and half wanting to take the opportunity to unload the absurd amount of cash I had laying around, but off I go.

Get to the shop, ask if there’s anyyyyyything they can do because I really don’t think they had a real reason to tow me, nope nothing we can do just following orders the person behind the counter says with a very smug grin.

She was gonna get it!

Her grin turned to horror when I pulled out the change bag. I spend the next 15 minutes watching her meticulously count out pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, ones, fives, $180 even.

I’m $10 short, I misheard her on the phone, it was $190. I pull a $20 out of my wallet and ask for the two fives back. Oh man she was ****** off.

Was this petty and did the tow truck desk lady do nothing wrong?

Absolutely, but if you’re gonna tow peoples cars and make them pay nearly $200 in cash, don’t be surprised when they bring cash.”

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Have fun counting all that change!

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