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Their Dad Yelled at Them While Moving Heavy Objects, So They Dropped Everything In Protest And Let Him Do It Himself

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

I’ll say one thing right off the bat: if my dad told me to **** off while I was helping him out with something, I’d wash my hands of it and walk away!

Hey, you gotta have some self-respect, right?

Take a look at how this person decided to show their dad they weren’t going to put up with his nonsense anymore.

Narcissistic dad asked for help but didn’t receive the help that’s needed.

“There’s about 10 sheets of metal to place on the roof in the next couple of weeks once the rain dies down and for the meantime they are lying down on the driveway.

It’s about 1m x 10m and they aren’t really in anyone’s way. Dad called me out to move them to the side standing on its edge.

Now I’m glad to help, always willing to give a helping hand even if it’s something I dont think is right but nonetheless I gave my opinion saying they manufacture and even deliver these on the face so the edges don’t get damaged.

Are you sure about that?

They also gave us a free sheet due to the nature of them getting damaged. I told him that they aren’t intruding in anyone’s way and think we should just keep it there however he insisted we move it to which I obliged.

My dad is one of those people that you can’t carry large objects with. I.e. he moves to quickly or slowly for your pace, he holds them awkwardly or demands them only be held a certain way.

We started to pick up the metal but due to the size and dimensions, they are quite heavy and flimsy so I told him to settle down and work with me.

As we are placing then vertically he says I am not moving fast enough (as if we are in a rush anywhere), and pushes the sheet metal fast enough to cut my hand. I again insisted maybe he should follow my directions so we can try and work with this however he was adamant my idea was wrong before even hearing it.

At one point my mum joined in to give me a hand dealing with his **** because we all know he is like this sometimes.

We pick up one sheet and while moving to the place we are putting them my dad just yells:

Dad: you’re pathetic and you can’t help whatsoever

Me: you’re right, I never saw it that way. You would be better moving this without me

Dad: fine, **** off then.

Good luck!

I go inside, drink some tea and my mum joins as my dad struggles to move the metal. After about 2 minutes he comes back and ask for help but I just tell him I really wish I could but I’m pathetic.

Maybe others might help.”

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I think you can handle this on your own, Pops.

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