July 7, 2024 at 4:30 pm

Managers Wanted Them To Share More Updates In The Group Chat, So They Started Sending Every Update They Could Imagine

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

It’s a fact…

Some bosses are just…overbearing.

And they don’t know when to give it a rest!

The person who wrote this story banded together with their co-workers and showed their bosses that they were out of line.

Take a look at what happened!

We are told to increase our communication with management…

“We use Whatsapp on our work phones for communication between departments.

We’ve been told to implement “visual communication” and to share pictures of every activity/project we work on.

They started saying we weren’t sharing enough, and the management never knew what we were doing at any time of the day.


We all thought we were communicating pretty well and our direct supervisor dont think it was an issue but their boss wanted it so it happened.

Basically our chats became cluttered with way too many pictures and updates.

Like instead of stating “test machine started for 15 minute cycle” we were getting updates that it was still running every few minutes.

This gets really redundant and makes you get information fatigue and you start to miss actual important stuff.

Here it comes…

So people got passive aggressive and started posting updates like “walking to the front door” or “i am leaving work at 5 pm today” every morning (when we always leave at 5 pm every day).

It got really silly when we started getting pictures of people’s cars in their driveways when they got home after work with “I have arrived at my living quarters in preparation returning to work upon the next shift”.

One guy actually got fussed at because he kept making what are essentially **** posts in the group chat.

One of our members had to go pick up a product several hours away and the jokester guy went on MS paint and took the driving employees face and put it in a VW Bug.

This was getting good!

He posted the pic stating “So-and-so in on their way to pick up unit, i visually confirmed on my way to work today”.

I even got brave enough to send them a picture of my dog in front of our laundry machine once to announce I finished a load of laundry with my dog’s help.

They lowered their expectations after a few months of this on what we had to report. Basically we are back to succinct and important posts only rather than play-by-play details of our every move.”

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Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

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Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

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Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

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Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

They shut that down in a hurry!

You get what you ask for, I suppose.

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