July 4, 2024 at 10:29 am

Airbnb Customers Got Locked Out Of Their Rental With Four Kids At Night, And Their Hosts Were Nowhere To Be Found

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@ginaadouglas

There’s been a lot of stories of dissatisfied customers who wanted the ideal vacation and then had the opposite experience.

This one’s a particular doozy.

People tend to rent Airbnb because they want the home away from home experience on vacation.

But @ginaadouglas says her family had the exact opposite when they claimed they got locked out of their Airbnb and had nowhere to go late at night.

Source: TikTok/@ginaadouglas

Gina told her followers on TikTok she and her four kids got back to their Airbnb at around 10:30 PM to find the codebox to enter the property stopped working.

They were suddenly locked out.

She then claimed they couldn’t get in touch with the host and when she contacted Airbnb, they were of no help.

Source: TikTok/@ginaadouglas

She said: “Support’s suggestion to me was, to take me, my husband, and my four children, to go to a coffee shop, and they’ll reimburse us up to $50.”

She added: “There’s no way you’re telling us that we’re locked out of our Airbnb going on an hour now. It’s 12 o’clock at night almost, and you’re telling me to go to a coffee shop with my 4 children to buy something and you would reimburse us. Are y’all nuts?”.

In the end it seems Airbnb helped put the family up in a hotel for the night but apparently this didn’t happen until around 1am.

Source: TikTok/@ginaadouglas

The mom updated the next morning saying while she was grateful Airbnb were trying to get the family new accommodation, the host still wasn’t contactable and the family’s belongings were inside the property.

The mom said they eventually got in via a window and Airbnb said they would refund her on the rental and additional costs incurred.

Airbnb arranged a new rental for the family.

While she was happy, the mom was frustrated at how a simple rental had gone so wrong.

Remember when vacations were simple? Let’s go back to that time!

Watch the full clip here:


Airbnb can count their days cause no way!! #florida #airbnb #viral #foryou #foryoupage #viralvideo #viraltiktok #fyp

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And here’s the update clip:


They finally put us in a hotel 3 hours later 😩 Airbnb then blew it for the year!! @airbnb #viralvideo #foryou #florida #viraltiktok #fypシ

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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

That’s some scary allegation!

Source: TikTok/@ginaadouglas


Source: TikTok/@ginaadouglas

Double ouch!

Source: TikTok/@ginaadouglas

Customer service isn’t what it used to be.

At least their vacation wasn’t totally ruined.

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