July 8, 2024 at 6:17 am

‘Oh my God, what is that?’ – Her Carvel Ice Cream Cake Hasn’t Melted After A Day In The Trash And Now Everybody Is Wondering Why

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@hopestreetsnacks

Did you ever puzzle over ice-cream cake and why it didn’t melt immediately when you took it out of the pack?

To be honest, you possibly didn’t, but Mom @hopestreetsnacks definitely was after she bought her daughter an ice-cream birthday cake that just wouldn’t melt!

Source: TikTok/@hopestreetsnacks

Well that’s definitely weird.

The caption on the post reads: “OMG HOW IS THIS REAL.”

Source: TikTok/@hopestreetsnacks
The mom said a Carvel ice-cream cake she bought didn’t melt even after she threw it in the trash a day earlier!

“This was a Carvel Ice Cream cake that I bought for my child for her first birthday,” she said.

“It was so good. I ate it, except I put it in the garbage 24 hours ago, and it didn’t melt. So I think this isn’t ice cream.”

Source: TikTok/@hopestreetsnacks

She showed the cake hadn’t melted in the garbage and contemplated eating it for research but then, of course, how could she!

“Oh my God, what is that? I’m debating eating this just to taste it… No, I can’t do it, I’m so sorry.”

She added: “This isn’t ice cream. Look…” She dug her spoon into the item and it doesn’t look like ice-cream or melted ice-cream.

It appears to be a pudding of some type but she’s puzzled by just what it is.

Watch the whole clip here:


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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

Ice waits for no man… or woman.

Source: TikTok/@hopestreetsnacks


Source: TikTok/@hopestreetsnacks

Oooh interesting theory!

Source: TikTok/@hopestreetsnacks

Well I’m still not sure what’s going on here.

Mostly, I don’t know why someone would throw away a perfectly good cake.

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