July 4, 2024 at 6:49 am

This Dad Is Fed Up With His Son’s Lack Of Direction, So He Told Him It Was “A Good Thing He Was Pretty.”

by Trisha Leigh

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Parenting is a rough gig, but if you’re still in the sleepless nights and tantrums phases, just wait.

Because things don’t get easier, and in fact, problems get bigger.

Sometimes, as this man is finding out, parenting your adult children can have just as many minefields as trying to pick your toddler out the right color cup.

Let’s find out what happened when he struggled to find a way to motivate his one lacking child.

AITA for telling my son it’s a good thing he’s pretty?

My wife and I have four kids. The first two are a welder and a doctor. My middle son just graduated with a degree in Dance.

Our youngest is studying engineering.

My son is still living at home trying to figure out his future.

We were talking about it and he said he wants to move out so he can live how he wants instead of by my insane rules.

Idk, these sound like pretty normal rules to me.

Those rules are 1. Be self supporting after you graduate. 2. Help with chores as long as you live at home. 3. Don’t have sex I can hear.

Those are too much for him. He went to my wife and said that he wanted some help so he could move out.

She backed my rules. She also expects him to get a job, help around the house, and not expose us to the orgasms of his partners. Or his own for that matter.

When they couldn’t come together on a path for his future, this dad shrugged and commented on his kid’s looks.

He came back to me asking how I expected him to make a living.

We had both talked to him about getting a degree that had more prospects and maybe doing a minor in dance.

Our daughter who is a doctor did her undergrad in music. But she also took premed classes and rocked her MCAT.

He says that he didn’t want to do that. He wants me to tell him what to do.

I am just kind of lost. So I told him it’s a good thing he’s pretty.

All I meant is that he is a tall, athletic, handsome young man. With a degree.

He can find an entry level position and work his way up. Many successful people have.

The comment really didn’t go over all that well.

He took it to mean that I thought he should marry well and be a kept man.

His other mom and him are pissed at me for undervaluing his potential.

I think I was being realistic.

I mean, listen. We all shoot off at the mouth sometimes.

Let’s find out where Reddit is going to come down on this one!

The top comment says they both could have done better.

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This person says it’s time to give real life a try.

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But this commenter says they can see why he was offended.

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Sometimes potential never turns into anything more.

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The options are endless!

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Sure, he could have held his tongue.

That said, they really weren’t getting anywhere in the first place.

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