July 7, 2024 at 10:45 pm

Facebook Marketplace Seller Showed Up At Her House And She’d Never Given Him Her Address. – ‘Why does this guy look so familiar?’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@madipcurtis

If you buy something online, you don’t expect the seller to turn up to your door.

But what if they did? What would you do?

Would you close the door, or run?

Mom @madipcurtis had to make that snap decision after she bought two car seats on Facebook Marketplace.

Source: TikTok/@madipcurtis

Well, this TikToker had to make that call, when a seller on Facebook Marketplace turned up to her house without her giving him her address. Ouch.

The mom bought two car seats for $300 when they’re normally sold for $600 each.

Madi captioned her viral video ‘What would you do in this situation??’.

Source: TikTok/@madipcurtis

Madi told her followers how that morning at around 9am the doorbell rang but she wasn’t expecting anyone.

“I look at the little camera and I see this old man,” she said. “Why does this guy look so familiar?” she added.

She continued: “Suddenly it hits me that this is the man I just bought new car seats from on Facebook Marketplace. He’s at my house.”

Now this is what’s even weirder and yes, most of us would be freaked out!

She added that “never once did I give him my address or any information other than my name.”

She told how she answered the door and the guy said: “Hi! It’s me.”

She added: “I was like, yeah… what are you doing here?”.

Source: TikTok/@madipcurtis

Madi had driven an hour-and-a-half to get the car seats. The man told her he’d remembered that morning there had been a recall on the seats!

“They’re sending me the replacement part and I tried to reach out to you,” he told her.

“I never got any messages,” Madi said. “Somehow he found my address.”

She said the guy stated he’d been worried about her kids, due to the recall and that’s why he made the trip.

She added “He was so nice and very well intended but, also, how do you just find someone’s address and then drive an hour and half?”.

Would you answer the door to someone you bought something from online?

Watch the full clip here:


Apreciate his honesty but…. Showing up at someones house is just not it😂 #storytime #facebookmarketplace #viral #whatwouldyoudo #boomersbelike #random #youngmom #momsoftiktok

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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

This person’s been watching a lotta True Crime.

Source: TikTok/@madipcurtis

This is pretty nasty!

Source: TikTok/@madipcurtis

This is true!

Source: TikTok/@madipcurtis

This is definitely concerning.

I would be truly freaked out.

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