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Woman Pretended To Experience Chest Pains Just To Get A Ride In An Ambulance, So The Medic Performed ECG And Brought Her To The ER

by Heide Lazaro

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance/Canva

Calling an ambulance means there is a medical emergency that requires a person to be brought to the hospital right away.

Needing a ride to get to your clinical appointment IS NOT an emergency.

But when this woman called 911 to get a ride, the medic had to perform the necessary routine checkup since she said it was an “emergency”. Read the full story below.

No, I’m checking your heart.

I was a medic in Salt Lake for a few years.

One rainy day, my partner and I got dispatched to a fairly upscale neighborhood on a call of “chest pain.”

Chest pain means flashing lights and sirens.

It didn’t look like an emergency.

We quickly arrive in front of a pretty nice house, and find a woman standing at the curb with two suitcases packed (already a red flag!).

I shut down the siren, but kept the lights going for safety.

We ask if she called 911, and she confirms.

The patient admitted she didn’t really have chest pain.

She steps into the ambulance, sits on the bench, and asks us to get going.

I tell her we need to do a full work up before we leave, so we can provide care en route, and take her to the right facility.

She says she doesn’t really have chest pain.

She has a procedure scheduled at the hospital, and she wants me to turn off the flashing lights, so her neighbors don’t notice and ask her questions.

ECG or cops?

Obviously, this is EMS abuse, and I tell her so.

Suddenly her chest pain is back!

So, I say I need to get vitals, and start an ECG.

She protests again, mentioning the start time for her appointment in less than thirty minutes, and so I ask her point blank: do you need medical attention or do we need the police?

OP brought her to the hospital, but in the ER instead!

I proceeded to do a full work up, in front of her house, taking my sweet ass time, asking enough questions to make her eyes roll, and leaving the strobe lights on the whole time, so the neighbors would see.

And she was late to her appointment, because we admitted her to the hospital through the ER instead of the front doors.

Let’s find out how users react to this funny story.

This user thinks the appointment might have been canceled as well.

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Guess she didn’t realize this early.

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Here’s a petty revenge idea.

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This mom has every right to hate people abusing EMS for non-life threatening conditions.

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Here’s a comment from a medical specialist.

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That’s what you get when you abuse emergency medical services.

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