August 12, 2022 at 5:27 pm

5 Things Gymnasts Are Not Allowed to Do Anymore

by Ashley Dreiling

Gymnastics is a constantly evolving sport and the official rulebook, known as the Code of Points, is updated every four years in line with the Olympic Games. So what are the five things that gymnasts are not allowed to do anymore?

These changes often spark controversy, whether they are new to the sport, reformulated rules, or rules that have been completely removed. Some codes are updated for safety, and others, like floor routine rules, are often tweaked to maintain the “flow of the routine” – with points given for gymnastics, choreography, artistry, composition, and acrobatics.

Some athletes complain new codes make injuries more likely. Others think the Code of Points is too strict, like banning makeup after Celine van Gerner dressed as a cat for her floor routine at the 2018 European Championships.

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