June 27, 2014 at 12:49 pm

The Most Important Person You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

by twistedsifter


It was the change that no-one saw coming: the idea that we could take a book, a painting or a song and send it through cables and wires and even thin air to the other end of the world – and it would be identical on the other side. But this idea underpins everything about the Information Age we live in.

How did we make such a mind bending transition into the digital world? And how does it work? It turns out it’s all based on a concept that is surprisingly beautiful in its simplicity. This short video essay by Delve.tv explores what that idea is and tells you about the man who figured it all out. Computers are everywhere and control almost every aspect of our lives. In the next 6 minutes you’ll find out how they really work.

This is newest video essay by Delve. The Sifter previously featured Delve’s excellent 2-part series, The Long Game: Leonardo da Vinci and the Importance of Failure.


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