February 7, 2022 at 12:39 pm

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Stack Rocks in the Wilderness

by Ashley Dreiling


Rock stacking has become more popular lately due to social media. However Wicked Wildlife explains three main reasons you should stop stacking.

First, well-meaning people might stack stones as markers to keep from getting lost. But as more and more stacks appear, those meant to guide may actually cause someone to get lost.

Second, people generally seek wilderness areas as a refuge from populous cities, and to connect with untouched nature. Finding man-made stone cairns during their retreat can ruin that experience.

Finally, animals and insects call rocks home and depend on them for survival. In Australia, many saxicolous species have “rock removal” listed as one of the major threats to indigenous animals like the Cunningham’s Skink, Broad-headed Snake, Corangamite Water Skink.


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