September 17, 2022 at 11:37 am

Man Turns Abandoned Tiny Home Into Dream Cottage

by Ashley Dreiling

YouTuber and self-proclaimed clickbaiter, George Dunnett, documents his humorous journey of transforming a tiny abandoned home in the United Kingdom from a shed filled with old car parts and tools into a dreamy cottage house.

The building Dunnett purchased on a lane called “The Cobbles” was his first, and he began renovations in 2020. First order of business? Tackling critical foundational repair and replacing the rickety ladder to the second floor with a bespoke wooden staircase. The floors were bad, mainly just dirt, and nearly every wall needed replacing or fixes due to water damage.

Enjoy Dunnett’s dry jokes as proceeds with the rehab, its inevitable and expensive unforeseen issues, and a full tour of his completed work with small touches that “really classed up the joint.”

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