July 27, 2017 at 9:09 am

Pursuit (4K) – A Stormlapse Film by Mike Olbinski

by twistedsifter


Pursuit (4K) is the latest stormlapse film by renowned photographer and storm chaser Mike Olbinski. The film also features an incredible original score by musician Peter Nanasi.

On Vimeo, Mike adds:


The work on this film began on March 28th and ended June 29th. There were 27 total days of actual chasing and many more for traveling. I drove across 10 states and put over 28,000 new miles on the ol’ 4Runner. I snapped over 90,000 time-lapse frames. I saw the most incredible mammatus displays, the best nighttime lightning and structure I’ve ever seen, a tornado birth caught on time-lapse and a display of undulatus asperatus that blew my mind. Wall clouds, massive cores, supercell structures, shelf clouds…it ended up being an amazing season and I’m so incredibly proud of the footage in this film.


But that’s just part of the story. The real experience is outlined in detail on Vimeo where Mike describes a fateful June 12th day that saw him break down into tears. Head over to the film’s page to learn why.


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