July 30, 2009 at 8:18 am

INSANE: yellowBird 3D Video Technology With Full 360 Viewing

by twistedsifter

yellowbird logo INSANE: yellowBird 3D Video Technology With Full 360 Viewing

Netherlands-based YellowBird (longest corporate URL ever?) has just put out a demo video that shows off their glorious 3D video technology. Sure we’ve seen image technology that lets you pan around, but video? This is next-level.

Now DO NOT press play, sit back and enjoy. Hunch forward, grab your mouse and interact.

Pretty impressive huh? yellowBird thinks so too because they are offering the complete package. Not only do they have the video technology, they have the studio, the online player (with full embedding capabilities) and the hosting, for that quick-loading video experience online customers love and demand (for free).

yellowbird founders marc groothelm adn rafael redczus INSANE: yellowBird 3D Video Technology With Full 360 Viewing

The Back-Story

Founders Marc Groothelm and Rafael Redczus met at Groningen University in 2005 and founded yellowBird in March of 2009. Flashback 10 years to ’99 where Redczus launches a technology to create a still 3-D image; a few years later and Rafael would adapt the technology to video. April 17th, 2009, yellowBird officially launches during the Next Web conference in Amsterdam.

yellobird video player INSANE: yellowBird 3D Video Technology With Full 360 Viewing
Gotcha! You probably thought that was another video but it’s just an image, whoughahah

Technical Details

What goes in
– The camera uses six divided lenses in order to capture every possible viewing direction
– Through a double glass-fiber connection, a stream of 1200 Mbit per second is captured and saved in an uncompressed format
– A surround sound microphone system enables the camera to record audio at 96 khz as well

Must come out
– The uncompressed footage retrieved from the camera is stitched to a single stream to their studio
– The output consists of a video with a progressive resolution of 3500 x 1750 pixels at 25 frames per second
– This is almost twice the number of pixels compared to the best possible HD-TV specifications, which offers an interlaced resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels

Thinking Out Loud

The ability to mount these cameras to moving objects like cars and helicopters already exists. Once the technology allows for instant streaming, the possibilities are endless. Just imagine a bunch of drones (U.A.V’s) hovering around your favourite concerts and sporting events! What about HD!?! How about pausing, panning and zooming in and out seamlessly? Conversely, picture a police-state where the drones are everywhere and can see everything. Streaming live on the Internet for citizens to police other citizens…

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f 16 fighting falcon INSANE: yellowBird 3D Video Technology With Full 360 Viewing