Jun 23, 2012

York Minster Cathedral’s Floor Covered in Grass

picture of worker mowing the grass placed inside the york minster cathedral for a charity event

Photograph by PA (via designboom)



At a recent event to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and raise money for the York Minster Fund, 900 guests were invited to the famous York Minster Cathedral for dinner and entertainment. The event’s hook was the installation of 1,500 square meters (16,000 sq ft) of real grass in the Cathedrals interior (knave).

The remarkable feat was pulled off by Wow! Grass!, a company that installs real grass at evens and locations you would never expect. Now I’m sure you’re wondering, is it really grass? How does it work?

– It is real grass that is grown completely free of soil
– The grass is grown in felt, made from 100% recycled textiles
– Still requires water, light and nutrients and can be mowed
– Can go on variety of surface (walls, ceilings, stairs, etc.)
– After event is complete, can be rolled up and transported away


[Sources: Designboom, Wow! Grass!, Sky News]


low angle shot of the york minster cathedral floor covered entirely in real grass

Photograph via Wow! Grass!



york minster cathedral knave covered in grass

Photograph by PA (via designboom)



sequence of six photos showing the preparation setup and installation of real grass inside west minster cathedral



archbishop mowing the grass inside knave of york minster cathedral



wow grass installed inside the york minster cathedral aerial shot from above

Photograph via Wow! Grass!









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