Aug 25, 2013

Picture of the Day: Out of Thin Air





Photograph by JOHN ‘K’
Flickr | Blog | Facebook


In this perfectly timed photograph by John ‘K’, we see an F18 Hornet at the end of its high-speed pass across the San Francisco Bay for the 2010 San Francisco Flight Week air display. John took the photo from the deck of the S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien that was sailing in the San Francisco Bay at the time.

In the comments on the Flickr photo page John remarks:

“This was one of those ‘right place right time with the right gear in my hands’ moments – a perfect example of ‘chance favors the prepared mind'”


If you enjoyed this shot you may be interested in a previous post on the Sifter entitled, 40 Photos of Airplanes Breaking the Sound Barrier. To see more from John ‘K’, be sure to check out his work on Flickr, Facebook and WordPress.



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